Maintaining skilled and competent workforce

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Maintaining a skilled and competent workforce
This section includes good practice on:
Employee retention
Evening shift
Training of existing employees
An effective workforce is fundamental to a successful organisation. Employee retention
The good practices below will help you to maintain a skilled, competent and effective workforce. These are: •promoting the benefits of healthy eating and exercise by investing in innovating training and establishing in-house initiatives such as ‘healthy eating days’ •investing in stress management courses for all staff

having a training strategy that recognises the different skills bases and competencies needed by benefit processors, customer-facing employees, fraud investigators, supervisors and managers •operating a training programme for all employees that includes training for new and existing employees in all key areas of benefits administration that: omakes employees aware of the objectives of the service,

obuilds and keeps up-to-date competencies in providing an effective benefits service to customers, internal and external stakeholders, and oaddresses the competency needs of all employees
supporting changes to Housing Benefit (HB) and Council Tax Benefit (CTB) administration procedures, for example regulations or advice in Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) circulars, with timely local training sessions and/or locally-produced written training material •investing in performance management, and in the training and development of new and more experienced employees, as these can play a key role in: oattracting new recruits

oretaining employees
ooffering a career path for potential managers
odeveloping the management skills of more senior employees
obringing greater consistency and fairness to the management of employees ohighlighting where individuals need to develop or improve performance, and ensuring that career advancement is based on demonstrable delivery of results and competence to take on greater responsibility •carrying out training needs analyses for all employees and producing a structured training programme •having a formal mechanism for specifying and evaluating the training provided •using the evaluations to review and revise the training strategy and programme •using quality/management check outcomes to inform staff training •ensuring managers are equipped with the skills to do their jobs, including performance management •providing specialist training on change management, project management and contract management, as required •ensuring that HB and CTB employees' job descriptions properly reflect the work the jobholders actually do and that their personal work objectives reflect higher level departmental and corporate objectives •providing work objectives and ensuring the appraisal process provided for employees includes formal feedback at least twice a year and an annual written performance appraisal •considering the introduction of competency-based appraisals •ensuring specialised HB and CTB technical support, including use of software, is available to all employees •ensuring that the release of employees for training does not create workload backlogs •ensuring employees keep a personal log of all training and development so that the levels of training in the benefits service can be assessed •having a target for the proportion of professionally-qualified employees within the benefit service and an action plan, linked to employees' personal development plans, for achieving and maintaining this •having employees who are qualified or working towards qualifications for customer service and in their respective fields, for example: oNational Vocational Qualification or Scottish National Vocational Qualifications for customer service and benefits administration employees oInstitute of Revenues Rating and Valuation qualifications for benefits administration employees o...
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