Employment and Analytic Skills

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1.Internal recruiting sources locate people who currently work for the company who would be good recruits for other positions. T; p. 152; Easy 2.Nepotism is illegal. F; p. 154; Easy
3.Job fairs are best for finding passive job seekers. F; p. 156; Moderate 4.Geographic targeting can help an organization reduce turnover. T; p. 171; Moderate 5.Recruiting sources should be prioritized based on staffing goals and the results of the recruiting source effectiveness analysis. T; p. 168; Moderate 6.The high cost of accommodating people with disabilities prevents many firms from hiring them. F; p. 169; Moderate; AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity 7.For firms whose talent philosophy supports promotion from within, internal sourcing is the core of the staffing system. T; p. 152; Moderate; AACSB: Analytic Skills 8.Applicant flow is the number and type of applicants coming from each recruiting source. T; p. 167; Easy 9.Differentiation refers to the coordination of a single global staffing strategy with the organization retaining adequate controls over local operations. F; p. 171; Easy 10.Sourcing nontraditional applicant pools often requires more creative sourcing activities than does sourcing traditional applicant pools. T; pp. 168-169; Easy

Multiple choice questions:
1.Which of the following is a benefit of internal sourcing? a.Internal sourcing takes longer than external sourcing.
b.Internal sourcing costs more than external sourcing.
c.Internal sourcing introduces new ideas into the firm.
d.Internal sourcing promotes employee retention.*; p. 152; Moderate

2.The ongoing process of recruiting, evaluating, developing, and preparing employees to assume other positions in the firm in the future is: a.A qualifications inventory.
b.Succession management.*; p. 153; Easy
c.A job posting system.
d.Resume database building.

3.Training employees to extend their capabilities and to prepare them to assume other jobs and roles in the firm is: a.Succession planning.
b.Employee development.*; p. 153; Easy
c.A qualifications inventory.
d.Resume database building.

4.Publicizing open jobs to employees is:
a.Employee development.
b.Succession planning.
c.External job posting.
d.Internal job posting.*; p. 154; Easy

5.Asking your best talent to recommend the best people they've worked with in the past or people they feel would be good performers is an example of: a.Networking.
b.Internal job posting..
c.Referrals.*; p. 154; Easy
d.External job posting.

6.Hiring top talent away from another company is an example of using which recruiting source? a.Raiding competitors.*; p. 159; Easy
b.Employee referrals.
c.Internet data mining.

7.Which of the following recruiting sources is an internal recruiting source? a.Succession planning.*; p. 153; Easy
b.Career fairs.
c.Boolean searching.
d.College recruiting.

8.An organization that is currently composed of primarily white males may discriminate against minorities and women if it uses which recruiting source? a.Employee referrals.*; pp. 154-155; Moderate; AACSB: Analytic Skills b.Job fairs.

c.Search firms.
d.College recruiting.

9.Learning that your top sales agents like to attend football games and using this information to launch a sales agent recruiting drive at local football games is an example of: a.Geographic targeting.

b.Employee profiling.*; pp. 165-166; Moderate; AACSB: Analytic Skills c.Employee referrals.

10.Which of the following is NOT a reason organizations consider offshoring? a.Reducing labor costs.
b.A willingness to search for top talent wherever it happens to be. c.Reliable and affordable communication infrastructure has made offshore labor feasible. d.It is easier than keeping all employees in one country.*; p. 164; Moderate

11.The labor market used to source lower-level positions in a firm is most likely to be: a.Local.*; p. 171;...
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