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Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, selecting, and onboarding a qualified person for a job. It is also consider as finding the right person. New employees come from two basic sources the internal recruitment and the external recruitment: Internal Recruitment

Involves transferring or promoting employees from other position within the company. This approach offers several advantages: Boosts employee morale by reinforcing the value of experience within the firm. Reduce risk for firm since current employees have a proven track record. Lower cost of both recruitment and training.

External Recruitment
Looking for employees outside the firm, usually means tapping into range of different resources. The possibilities include employment website, newspaper ads, trade associations, college and university, employment center and employment agencies. But the most promising source of new hires may be referrals from current employees. Employee referral programs also represent a real bargain for employers.

Once you have pool a qualify candidate, your next step is to choose the best person for the job. A typical selection process includes accepting application, interviewing, testing, checking references and background, and making job offer.

The application is primarily a tool to reject unqualified candidates, rather than to actually choose qualified candidates.

Virtually every company uses interviews a central part of the selection process. To help ensure that interviews better predict performance, expert recommends a structured interview.

Either before of after the interview process, a growing number of companies have instituted employment testing is various sorts. The main category includes skill testing, personality testing, drug testing, and physical exam.

References and background Checks
Researches from the society for Human Resources Manager suggest that more than 50 % of job candidate lie on their resume in some ways.

Job Offer
After a company finds the right person, the next hurdle is designing the right job offer and getting the candidate to accept it.

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For successful companies in virtually every field, training and development have become an ongoing process rather than the one-time activity. Training and development describes the formal, ongoing efforts of organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of their employees through a variety of methods and programs. Training and development must gather speed for companies and individuals to maintain their competitive edges. Training programs take a number of different forms, from orientation to skills training, to management development, depending on the specific employee and the needs of the organization. Orientation

Once hire a new employees, orientation should be the first step in the training and development process. Effective orientation programs typically focus on introducing employees to the company culture. Research consistently shows that strong orientation programs significantly reduce employee turnover, which lower cost. On the job Training

Is popular because it’s very low-cost. Employees simply begin their job sometimes under the guidance of more experienced employees, and learn as they go. On the job training can compromise the costumer experience. Formal apprenticeship programs tend to be a more effective way of handling on the job training. Apprenticeship program mandate that each beginner serve as an assistant to a fully trained worker for a specified period of time before gaining full credentials to work in the field. Off-the-Job Training

Classroom training happens away from the job setting, but typically during work hours. Employers use classroom training-either on or off site –t to teach a wide variety of topics from new computer programming...

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