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In this project we aim to know the viewpoints of banks
and its customers regarding the mobile banking
services offered by the banks.
We recorded the viewpoints of banks and its customers
through the medium of a questionnaire filled by banks
and various individuals using mobile banking services.
Mobile banking services are being offered by all the
banks these days and people do opt for such services
as they are easy to use and one doesn’t have to visit
the bank every time.


We would like to thank our Business,
Entrepreneurship and Management subject teacher
Mr. Amit Kumar, for giving us the opportunity to
work on this project and gain knowledge about the
mobile banking services being offered.
We would also like to thank the employees of
various banks for their response to our
questionnaire and also the various individuals which
we reviewed for giving us time out of their busy
schedules and giving us most satisfactory responses.


How is mobile banking services useful for banks and
its customers.
Customers Point of View
 Bankers Point of View

Analyzing their views.
Concluding the results derived.


Prepare questionnaire and get it filled by customers
and banks.
Key assumptions
All people use mobile banking services.
 All banks have mobile banking services.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce is about the explosion of
applications and services that are becoming
accessible from internet enable mobile devices. It
involves new technologies, services and business
morals. It is quite different from traditional ecommerce. Mobile phones impose very different constraints than desktop computers.


Customers Point of View
The analysis which we infer from the information collected from the people and the m-commerce users is basically diverse in
Different point of view have been presented to us by the users and put more pressure on the techniques which should be
altered so as to give m-commerce a better scope and ground
for its functioning.


Mostly stress has been laid on the security of the system which the banks have provided so that no individual may loose his
private information in the result of easy banking.
By our research we found out that in most of the cases answer by the users are similar keeping aside one or two points which have different view of users according to their uses, banking facility, trust and the operations carried out by the bank.


Bankers Point of View
We have come to know that same points even have to be
brought under supervision and make necessary amendments.
The bankers do agree to the point that some points respective to the services like accessibility and security have to be taken care more seriously and to provide the customer with more
privacy and make their system more efficient and easy so that more and more people can avail of these services.


Mobile banking do have a 100% better approach
than normal banking but the bankers should bring
about a personal touch in the m-commerce services
and also increase the efficiency and system
management so that people start relying on mbanking and banks have more clear grounds in the case of the new technique or methods they intend to
or might come out with something innovative in the


Research work carried out by a team of four
Visiting banks – filling questionnaires by employees.
 Reviewing customers – filing their responses in



Made by :
Mohit Rana
 Karandeep Singh Dhami
 Anant Agarwal
 Deepak Goswami

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