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Chapter 4
1. Name the six main pieces of the e-commerce site building puzzle. * Organizational Capabilities
* Hardware Architecture
* Software
* Telecommunications
* Site Design
* Human Resources
2. Define the systems development life cycle and discuss the various step involved in creating an e-commerce site. * Methodology for understanding business objectives of a system and designing an appropriate solution 1. Systems analysis/planning

2. Systems design
3. Building the system
4. Testing
5. Implementation
3. Discuss the differences between a simple logical and simple physical Web site design. * Logical design: includes a data flow diagram that describes the flow of information at your e-commerce site, the processing functions that music be performed, and the database that will be used. * Physical design: translates the logical design into physical components. 4. Why is system testing important? Name the three types of testing and their relation to each other. * Because a complex e-commerce site can have thousands of path ways through the site, each of which must be documented and then tested. * Unit testing - testing the site’s program modules one at a time System testing - testing the site as whole, in a way the typical user will use the site. Acceptance testing – verifies that the business objectives of the system as originally conceived are in fact working.

5. Compare the costs for system development and system maintenance. Which is more expensive, and why? * System maintenance 35%
* System development 22%
After developed the system will be bigger, and more complex, and also update to date, so to maintain the system is more expensive than development. 6. Why is a web site so costly to maintain? Discuss the main factors that impact cost. * Because right now technology has lowered the cost of system development, the cost of system maintenance and content creation have risen to make up more than half of typical Web site budgets. The main factors that impact cost are providing content and smooth 24*7 operations. 7. What are the main differences between single-tier and multi-tier site architecture? * Single tier: a Web server responds to requests for web pages and a database server provides backend data storage. * Multi-tier: a Web server is linked to a middle-tier layer that typically includes a series of application servers that perform specific tasks. 8. Name five basic functionalities a Web server should provide. * E-mail

* File transfer Protocol
* Search Engine
* Data Capture
* Site management tools
9. What are the three main factors to consider when choosing the best hardware platform for your Web site? * Number of simultaneous user
* User profile
* The telecommunications link
10. Why is Web server Bandwidth an important issue for e-commerce sites? * Because the greater the bandwidths available, the more customer can simultaneously access a Web site without any perceived degradation in performance. 11. Compare and contrast the various scaling methods. Explain why scalability is a key business issue for web sites? * Vertical scaling: improving the processing power of the hardware, but maintaining the same number of servers. * Horizontal scaling: adding more of the same processing hardware * Improving processing architecture: identifying operations with similar workloads and using dedicated turned servers for each type of load. 12. What are the eight most important factors impacting website design, and how do they affect a site’s operation? * Functionality: point the customer toward your product offerings * Informational: link that customers can easily find to discover more about your product * Ease of use: Simple fool-proof navigation

* Redundant navigation: Alternative navigation to the same content * Ease of purchase: One or two clicks to...
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