E Commerce vs M Commerce

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E Commerce Vs M Commerce James T. Kirk
BUS 220 Workplace Communications with Computers
Charlie Brown
Oct 28, 2012

E Vs M2.
The world of commerce has a few differences especially in the form of E Commerce and M Commerce. I would like to elaborate on some of the differences in the realm of both. The E (electronic) Commerce and M (mobile) Commerce differ in ways such as what you can or cannot buy, technologies and how the originate. Also the different ways people purchase and connect to the internet.

M Commerce is very different in such ways as maneuverability, people that use this commerce are usually on the go at a fast pace not able to be sedentary. The services that are preferred by the M Commerce people would have to be I want it and I want it now, no long installments or waiting for loads or extensively long instructions. Some of the draw backs to this service would have to be the lack of certain apps or just the newness of the mobile apps market, relative to the web. The M commerce large and rapid growth is due to the growth of the internet and due to the convenience and how easy it is to use, and the increase of smartphones and the levels in which they can operate in the same capacity as a home or office computer. The M commerce advantages will only grow with people always having there cellphones on them and not a laptop or desktop. This will create a bond with the user having his cellphone with them at all times and being able to do business is an added advantage. The M Commerce has E Vs M 3.

applications that make it an added plus such as using it as a Navigation system and your not confined to a desk or office. If you need to get out and actually see what your ordering this is the perfect way to do it with everything you need in your cell phone. The E Commerce are not as simple as the M Commerce but unlike the M Commerce the E Commerce connects to the World Wide Web, while the M Commerce is restricted to certain regions of the country. Using E Commerce has a lot of advantages, such as, you can shop at any time of the day or night, you will have a larger number of stores. While using E Commerce you can shop from home not having to get into traffic or spend money on gas or tolls. The Mobile commerce industry has a common knowledge area called the four P’s which can be found on any website, these are; Products, Promotion, Payment and Presentation. The Products - But not all products — are a good fit for mobile platforms. The bulk of the mobile commerce transactions are based on impulse or convenience. Big-ticket items are not usually sold on mobile devices because customers require more research, and many still have concerns related to the overall security of mobile transactions. These big-ticket products include items like expensive jewelry, machinery and equipment. And products that require customers to give more inputs — such as the size of a window for blinds— before making a sale are not a E Vs M 4.

good fit for mobile commerce as mobile devices, with their smaller keyboards, do not allow easy data entry. Apps and games are a good fit for mobile commerce, but software meant for a desktop operating system is not. As a retailer, review your product set and gauge your customers to decide if they will buy your products via a mobile device. But remember, even though your products may not fit a mobile platform, your consumers may still use their mobile devices for research. This makes it extremely important to review your product content and optimize it for the mobile user.

The Promotions- Promotions One of the biggest benefits of mobile commerce is the ability to leverage the always-connected state of a mobile device to send real-time promotions. This has been further extended to offer...

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