Isys101 Chapter 1 Notes

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Chapter 1.
Business are barely local anymore. They are global and use information systems. These business share info via the internet telecommunications, IT infrastructure ad wired technology. •IS is more than computers. It involves Technology, Management, & Organisations. •A business process is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer/s. •Business professionals don’t say words that refer to “No”. •Overhead costs: Overhead costs are ongoing expenses of operating a business) rent, gas, electricity, wages). The term "OVerhead" is used to group expenses that are necessary to the continued functioning of the business but can't be immediated associated with the products/services being offered (they do not directly generate profit). •The prefix “tele” is greek for “distant”. So telecommunications would mean communications over a distance. Telework means work that you can do from a distance, without the need to be at the main office. •The prefix “inter” is greek for “among” or “between”, so interrelated means that things are relate to each other because of other common/mutual entities. •Complimentary means to give praise or admiration, while complementary means to make up for the lack of another. •SUMMARY of CASE STUDY: Efficiency in Wood Harvesting with Information Systems (pg 35 Laudon).

The use of information systems in the wood procurement chain has proven to be effective and efficient. Information Systems allow departments or different bodies of an organisation to be linked together, which then allows data, information and/or directions to be shared or accessed for specific purposes. IS that are within the organisation’s machines and equipment such as that of Ponsse (ie. Harvesters and foresters, where data is inputted for a desired size or length) prove to make a job more efficient in carrying out; especially in comparison to how...
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