International Marketing Notes

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International Marketing Notes – After Midterm Notes
Chapter 11 – The International Marketing Mix: Products and Services International demand and competitive advantage
Global demand: the special case of industrial markets
Derived demand – demand dependent on another source
International demand and product quality
Quality defined
Quality – market-perceived quality and performance. Both are important concepts but consumer perception of a quality product often has more to do with the market perceived quality, and quality perceptions vary across markets. Price-quality relationship – is an important factor in marketing in developing economies, especially those in the first three stages of economic development, it does not deliver what is being asked Universal standards

ISO 9000 Certification: An international standard of quality ISO 9000 is a certification that a company has in place a quality control system to ensure it meets published quality standards Green marketing and product development

Which refers to concerns with the environmental consequences of marketing and consumption activities, Europe is the forefront of the “green movement” Locating Business customers
ISIC – international standard industrial classification
North American industry classification system
Consumer Adaption to Innovative Products
Marketers as cultural change agents
A product may be mature in the home market, but from a sociological viewpoint any idea perceived as new by a group of people is an innovation Diffusion of innovation – the process by which innovation spreads is helpful in developing a successful product strategy Analyzing product components for adaption

A product is multidimensional, and the sum of all its features determines the bundle of satisfactions (utilities) received by the consumer. To identify all the possible ways a product may be adapted to a new market, it helps to separate its many dimensions into three distinct components as illustrated in the...
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