International Marketing

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Multiple Choice Questions

1.The United States has many successful trade relationships. Four of these relationships account for a tremendous volume of trade. All of the following countries are among the top four producers of trade for the U.S. EXCEPT: A)Canada


2.For every dollar the United States invested in the economic development and rebuilding of other countries after World War II, hundreds of dollars returned in the form of purchases of U.S. goods and services. The primary plan after World War II used to rebuild and reinvigorate war ravaged countries was the: A)Eisenhower Plan

B)Marshall Plan
C)Bradley Plan
D)Roosevelt Plan
E)Truman Plan

3.With respect to international trade, MNC stands for: A)Municipal, National, and County districts
B)Multilateral and National Cartels
C)Multinational Corporations
D)Military and National Control districts
E)None of the above

4.With respect to the nationality of the world's 100 largest industrial corporations, the United States is home to the largest number of the top 100 firms. Which of the following countries is home to the second largest number of these firms? A)Germany

B)United Kingdom

5.After 1888, the United States had unparalleled growth and a favorable balance of trade until _________. After this date, the United States has a negative balance of trade. A)1950


6.Recent economic growth in what country has contributed significantly to global demand for resources? A)Japan

7.The system of accounts that records a nation's international financial transactions is called its: A)trade balance.
B)national accounts system.
C)EX-IM (exports-imports) account.
D)balance of payments.
E)none of the above.

8.A nation's balance-of-payments statement records all financial transactions between: A)its member states and its primary trading partners. B)its residents and those of the rest of the world during a given period of time. C)its suppliers and receivers.

D)profit and nonprofit organizations over a five-year period of time. E)its top 100 companies and the global top 100 companies.

9.A balance-of-payments statement includes three accounts. Two of those accounts are the current account and the capital account. What is the third account found on the balance-of-payments statement? A)investment account

B)passed due account
C)services account
D)credit account
E)reserves account

10.Which of the following would be the balance-of-payments account that is a record of all merchandise exports, imports, and services plus unilateral transfers of funds? A)current account

B)capital account
C)credit account
D)passed due account
E)reserves account

11.The marketing manager for Healthy Horse Products wants to export to Australia but learns the labeling requirements are quite difficult to comply with limiting imports. This is a type of: A)blockage.

C)trade refusal.

12.Which of the following has been effective in reducing tariffs but not in preventing protectionism? A)GATT
B)the United Nations
C)the International Monetary Fund...
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