International Marketing

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Marketing Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: June 10, 2011
Chapter 4
1. Culture- The human made part of human environment the sum total of knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, laws, and customs and any other habit adopted by a society. Social Institutions- This Includes all factors that have an effect on the way people relate to each other example schools, media, and governments. Culture Values- The system of believes held by a people in a given culture. Ritual- A pattern of behavior performed in a set manner. Linguistic distance- The measure of differences between languages. Aesthetics- The creation and appreciation of beauty.

Cultural Sensitivity- A awareness of a country’s nuances so the culture can be viewed objectively. Cultural Borrowing- This is when a culture takes an idea from another culture to solve problems. Cultural Congruence- A marketing strategy in which products are marketed in a way similar to the norms of that culture. Planned change- A marketing strategy where the company goes out to change the elements which are resisting against the product. 2. What role does a marketer play as a change agent?

The use of a new product causes cultural change so the marketer becomes a change agent. 3. Discuss the three cultural change strategies a foreign marketer can pursue.

4. Culture is pervasive in all marketing activities. Discuss. Culture has massive impact on everybody. It even affects the way we sleep and eat. A marketer must understand this and build his product based on the culture makeup 5. What is the importance of cultural empathy to foreign marketers? How do they acquire cultural empathy? Cultural empathy is very important to marketers in order to understand the market and able to predict the future of the market. The best way to acquire this empathy is going back to the origins. 6. Why should a foreigner marketer be concerned with the study of culture? A...
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