International Marketing Research

Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Marketing Pages: 5 (2250 words) Published: January 16, 2013
1. Identification of Case Issues
Base your issues on theoretical international ethics concepts. As the international marketing manager, what are the ethical issues to be considered in this case? Use journals to help give your response depth

The report aims at launching the new fair trade chocolate brand - Mars, and analysing the current ethical understanding of the Japanese marketing environment. The business viewed the ethical issue which child slavery has created an unethical comparative advantage, and the current market for chocolate lies in the ethical ruin (Nicolas and Gittens, 2010). The result of the influence of fair-trade foods among Japanese shows that the participants in Japan do the ethical purchasing in observable condition much more than the anonymous condition (Kimura et al., 2012; Swaidan, 2012). The ethical purchasing of observable condition is about that about making products in an environment where there is no child abuse or child labour, that is environmentally conscious and where there is a value placed on workers and their safety (Nicholls and Opal, 2005; Impact of adverse economic shocks on the Indian child labour market and the schooling of children of poor households, 2012). Furthermore, the report claimed that is not only the purchasers’ participation of ethical “fair deal”, but also the corporation participations impact on fair trade as well; especially under the effect of the global economic recession, businesses have great potential to benefit or threaten at the market (Lynch, 2012; McCall-Rosenbluth and Thies,2011; Reed, 2009). According to the report of Swaidan (2012), Japan has suffered painful economic recession and a series of corporate misconducts and scandals over the last decade. In the meantime, people's interests in business ethics and corporate social responsibility have remarkably increased (Tsalikis and Seaton, 2011). There are many similarities exist between Japanese and American managers which including the respective views on corporate social responsibility and unethical business practices (Tae and Nakano, 2008). Thus the marketing strategy should to consider the nation’s business ethical understandings. Furthermore, according to a personal perspective, the correct ethical behaviour differs, which includes the relativist, utilitarian, and Universalist perspectives and based on socio-economic status (Fletcher and Crawford, 2011; Lynch, 2012). It states a market where corruption is an issue as Japan ranked eighteenth on the Corruption Perception Index of major emerging markets (Tae and Nakano, 2008; Tsalikis and Seaton, 2011). In Japan, the primarily views business ethics are through relativist and utilitarian perspectives (Fletcher and Crawford, 2011; McCall-Rosenbluth and Thies, 2011; Nicolas and Gittens, 2010). It will evoke the previous ethical perspectives when business markets a fair trade product to the Japanese. The ethical behaviour differs across nations, influenced by popular attachments to governments, popular customs, level of economic development, relative size of public sector, low income for public servants, obscure legal and political environments, high level of government control and state ownership (Kimura et al., 2012; McCall-Rosenbluth and Thies, 2011; Swaidan, 2012). Moreover, according to Hofstede’s four cultural dimensions, Japan outranks all other countries in the measure of masculinity (Fletcher and Crawford, 2011). Hence, the marketing strategy must cater to the nation’s business ethical behaviours, and cultural dimensions facing fair trade products.

2. Formulation of alternatives or possible solutions with respect As the International marketing manager what are some alternative solutions, based on an ethical platform? Use journals to support your alternatives.

Mars’ first entered the Asian market with a marketing strategy of sponsoring and becoming the official snack food of the 1990 Asian Games in...
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