Dissertation Proposal Task 2

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Management Pages: 7 (3001 words) Published: December 3, 2014
“An in depth analysis to business corporate ethics and consumer decisions.”

“How does a business corporate ethics affect the success of failure of an organisation? A mixed method study”
By Philip Woodcock

1 Introduction
1.1 Working question and title
1.2 Background
2 Aims and objectives
2.1 Aims
2.2 Research aim
2.3 Objectives and timeline
3 Research strategy and methods
3.1 Research methods
3.2 Data gathering method
3.3 Sampling method
3.4 Anticipated outcomes
4 Literature review
5 Dissertation Planning
5.1 Ethical Considerations
5.2 Critical success factors

1 Introduction
1.1 The dissertation will be called, “An in depth and analysis to business corporate ethics and if this affects the success or failure of an organisation.” This question for this dissertation is “How do a business corporate ethics affect the success or failure of an organisation? A mixed methods study.” 1.2 This research will be focussing on two different major companies that are both well-known and have had great success in their respected markets. These two companies operate in two different markets, this is done so that the research can show whether consumers are interested more in the product, location, value- which are factors that are considered to attract a consumer, or whether consumers are more interested in what the company stands for and how their ethics are being portrayed. The researcher has chosen from the food retail market, Tesco and from the clothing retail market, Primark. This two companies are of particular interest due to the fact that these companies have had incidents that have resulted in them appearing heavily in the media, this is because of the amount of allegations that were made against Primark’s ethical behaviour and the ethical behaviour that was portrayed by Tesco within the past four years. Do we have to see the sweatshop in person before we care about Primark's ethics?” (streefox, n.d.) This story was released in 2014, however Primark’s success continues to grow. The research that is conducted is to find out why? “Horsemeat scandal: Tesco reveals 60% content in dish” (BBC, 2013) this story was released last year in February. A more recent media scandal that has affected Tesco is when it was releases that they had released they have miscalculated their profit. This research will find out if consumers only react when it affects them directly, whereas Primark affects hundreds overseas. 2 Aims and objectives

2.1 Before beginning the research, the research will need an aim, why the research is being conducted. I have chosen to write my dissertation on business corporate ethics due to how many companies operate now in 2014 and how the level of competitiveness drive businesses to operate in different ways. For example there are companies that may ignore their corporate ethics to gain an upper hand on competition. When this happens this not only affects themselves and the competitors but it also affects the consumers in terms of if they continue to shop there or not. What I want to do with this dissertation is improve business practise by researching what consumers look for in a business in terms of their business corporate ethics. 2.2 The aim for this dissertation to find out if business corporate ethics are taken into consideration when consumers are looking purchase goods, there is a lot of research that can be conducted to achieve this aim. Due to the researcher’s situation, working with Primark being involved in management, the research has accessible information that is not available to other people. With this the researcher also has 200 employees located in the Leeds Headrow store who they shall ask to take part in helping them with the research. A lot of research has been completed on Tesco due to the size of the organisation. Within the Leeds area there are 15 stores that are accessible, the researcher will contact them and ask their employees/...

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Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21418342
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