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Part 1 of question - Using the airlines example mentioned above, propose several possible IT solutions Part II of question - and how they would benefit a smaller airline to become more successful or attract more clients. Part III of question - Tell us if the availability of information technology services has influenced your decision to travel on a particular airline. Part IV of question - What airline was it?

The benefits of a smaller airline creating a system(s) to generate or increase business for itself would first start with its business process. How much is the airline company spending in data input, processing, out-put to generate more business? Generating data input from its customer demands or improvements and working with its Marketing department will be the start of generating data to produce output for business improvement. Data input simple as creating a short survey of your past flight and what can we do to make your flight better will generate information from customers. Processing that data will create options of improving ways to keep customers flying with your company. However, your Marketing department will have a critical part in this system creation. Once the process is complete and then you have feedback with multiple solutions on the ways of creating more business for your airline. First, analyze your first class passengers and what would make them return to your airline or would they refer your airline to co-workers. Next, you analyze your coach passengers and see what their demands are by creating another survey to see what’s going to make their flight better the next time and would they refer a co-worker to flight with your airline.

My airline of choice was United Airline because of its flight times to my destinations and the ability to reach them electronically with any hassles or long delays. I am impressed with the processing time when I have request or questions and the respond time is great. Also the...
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