Human Resources Management Class Notes

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Critical Incident Method
Critical incident
An unusual event that denotes superior or inferior emplyee performance in some part of the job The manager keeps a log or diary for each employee throughout the appraisal period and notes speciic critical incidents related to how well they perorm. Behaviroal Checklist Method

The rater checks statemnets on a list that the rater believes are characteristic of the employee’s performance or behavior.

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale

Productivity measures
Appraisals based on quantitative measures that directly linnk what employees accomplish to results beneficial to the organization. -Criterion contamination
-Focus on short-term results

Management by Objectives(MBO)
A philosopy of management that rates performance on the basis of employee achievement of goals set by mutual agreement of employee and manager.

The appraisal focuses on four related categories
Financial, customer, processes, and learning
Ensuring the method’s success:

Types of Appraisal Interviews
Tell and sell – persuasion
Tell and listen – nondirective
Problem Solving – focusing the inteview on problem resolution and employee development.

Appraisal Interview Guidelines:
Invite Participation – Ask for a self-Assesment
Change Behavior – Problem Solving Focus
Minimize Criticism – Express Appreciation
Establish Goals – Be Supportive
Follow Up Day by Day

Factors That Affect an Employee’s Performance

Managing Infeffective Performance
Possible Courses of Action
Provide training to increase skills and abilities
Transfer employee to another job or department
Attention of actions to motivvate employee
Take disciplinary action
Discharge the employee

All actions taken must be objective and fair.
Do not treat underpeformer differently, setting the employee up to fail

Cheapter 0 Managing Compensation

Pay is a statement of an employee’s worth by an employer....
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