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Fair Labor Standards Act

Fair Labor Standards Act Overview The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended is also referred to as "the Act" or "FLSA". The Act provides for minimum standards for both wages and overtime entitlement, and spells out administrative procedures by which covered work time must be compensated. FLSA also include provisions related to child labor, equal pay, and portal-to-portal activities. A general overview of FLSA is that it establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and child...

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The Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA requires observance with payment of minimum wage. The federal minimum wage according to the US department of Labor "for covered nonexempt employees is $5.15 per hour. The federal minimum wage provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Many states also have minimum wage laws. Where an employee is subject to both the state and federal minimum wage laws, the employee is entitled to the higher of the two minimum wages." (www.dol.gov) FLSA does...

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What is The Fair Labor Standards Act?

What is The Fair Labor Standards Act? Jacqueline Daniels ACCT 1130 Payroll Accounting Tomeika Williams February 5, 2014 Abstract “The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 is one of the most important pieces of legislation ever enacted, giving a voice to the millions of Americans in our workforce.” (Resource FLSA Law , 2006) Keywords: workforce What is The Fair Labor Standards Act? In 1983, President Roosevelt retained the Fair Labor Standards Act, which legitimately...

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Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 – as Amended As the United States endured the hardships of the Great Depression, the struggles of the working class grew and employers were able to take advantage of desperate workers by overloading hours and shrinking wages. In 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt, in his New Deal legislation, saw the opportunity to attend to the issues concerning workers involved in interstate commerce. The Fair Labor Standards Act was passed, and the President described it in...

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Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

The Fair Labor Standards Act Of 1938 by Codey Mitchell The Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, is a federal statute that applies to the United States. It is sometimes called the Wages and Hours Bill. It helps employees engaged in interstate commerce or those who work for a enterprise who is involved in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce, unless the employer can make a claim and be found exempt from coverage. The FLSA established a national minimum wage, employees were promised...

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Labor relations and labor-management relations are terms used to define the business activities between labor unions and employers. Large organizations employ labor relations or employee relations specialists who operate as a liaison between labor and management. In smaller organizations a human resources manager knowledgeable about labor and employment law handles labor relations matters. Labor relations activities may include contract negotiations, employee grievances, arbitration and mediation...

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The Labor Laws of Human Resource Management

 The Labor Laws of Human Resource Management The Labor Laws of Human Resource Management There are many labor laws in Human Resource Management. Some of the labor laws are Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII, Immigration Reform and Control Act, Family Medical Leave Act, and Age Discrimination in Employment Act. I was unaware of how important these labor laws are to an organization to follow. These labor laws can truly...

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Labor Law and Human Capital

Labor Law and Human Capital Management Patti L. Jolicoeur Human Resource Management in the 21st Century HRM5004 – u03a1 October 30, 2010 Theresa Pavone Abstract There are many laws and regulations affecting HR Professionals and labor in the workplace. The U.S. Department of Labor oversees these and ensures organizational compliance. The relationship of labor laws and human capital management is a balance of analyzing workforce strengths and vulnerabilities and risk management to...

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Employment and Public Contracts Act

1. Which Act sets the minimum wage , and what is the current wage rate? The Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum wage.The current minimum wage is $7.25/h. 2. Under the FLSA, what information concerning the employee's wages earned must be maintained by the employer? 1. Day and time of day when work-week begins. 2. Regular hourly rate of pay. 3. Basis of wage payments 4. Hours worked each day 5. Hours worked each week. 6. Daily or weekly straight -time pay. 7. Amount & nature...

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Labor Management Relations Example Paper

Title: The effectiveness of the current labor relations system Course: Labor and Management Relations The current labor relations system has its strengths and weaknesses. It can work well within the workplace, but the system has barriers that can create issues with resolving disputes within it. Unions and management often are able to negotiate provisions peacefully in the labor agreement to allow such things as medical and dental insurance, shift differential pay, pensions, employee stock...

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