E-Government Services case study

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Assignment 6
Case 1: E-Government Services:
1. The information systems helped reduce government costs and employee working hours as well as attract foreign investments resulting in reducing the unemployment rate. Also, it improved the service delivery to citizens and establish a national database. If these systems were not available then the bureaucracy rate would increase.

2. Citizens could access the government portal through home computers, computers at work, mobiles, kiosks and cyber cafes. Although many people would need an individual’s help such as a friend, relative or agent to access the services.

3. G2C helped with delivering information and services directly to the citizens including providing documents and guidance on procedures; such as issuing birth certificates and issuing replacement of national ID. G2B improved efficiency of proving services to businesses and reduce bureaucracy. G2G has improved the workflow and information exchange; as well as putting services online so that it could accessed between departments.

Case 2: Google:
1. In looking at business models Apple business model focuses on the consumer bringing them a personalized web experience through their hardware (Ipod, Iphone, Ipad and imacs), their own major OS system: Mac OSX and TOS, and through the internet. Although their model limits what type of software customers can access, they offer over 250,000 apps through their IOS app store. Next, with their browser and search engine, Google Centers on advertaising and democratizing information where they gain most of their profits. Through the companies Android platform they are increasing their market shares into the mobile market. Google seek a market of open nonproprietory plat forms where consumer can freely surf the web and openly enjoy the innovation of apps across services. Finally, Microsoft business model concentrates on creating user friendly operating systems, which 95% of all computers use. They have worked to make technology accessible to everyone. However, they are moving towards services and breaking into the search advertising market. Likewise, in the struggle to dominate new technology, the three internet titans come with their own strengths backing them. In addition, they manufacture their hardware, run devices with their own software, and retail their own products. These devices have become very popular with Iphone bringing in 30% of the company’s revenue. Google’s main areas of strength it’s on search and advertising services. It has the most efficient search engine and good capability in supplier-buyer integration. Microsoft is still the leader in pc operating system and desktop productivity software, but has failed miserably with smart phone hardware and software, mobile computing, cloud-based software apps, its internet, portal, and even its game machines and software. But this contribute only 5% its revenue, and network software. Windows is still operating system on 95% of the world 2 billion computers. Microsoft strength are operates through regional subsidiaries. Microsoft is the world’s largest software company with global name recognition and strong. Their company and it product are staples for businesses and consumer looking to improve their productivity with computer-based tasks. While it is trying to expand its presence on the internet, it still must try to keep customers bound to the desktop computer. The strength for Apple are mobile devices, such as iphone and tablets. These devices combine and contribute 52% of apples business. They already have a head straits on the mobile phone industry where they have over 250,000 applications. Apple controls 27% of the mobile market and the iphone is the highest grossing cellphone ever. Apples has a very loyal user base that has steadily grown and most likely will stay with Apple products in the future.

2. Apple’s and Google’s Android are both the key dominant players in the mobile computing...
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