Evolution of E-Governance in India

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This paper on One Stop Government Portal starts with the need for deviation from conventional method of offering govt. services physically to offering it virtually. It talks about the consequences of introduction of e-governance with reference to one-stop govt. portals in India and the way people perceived its services. It also mentions the way in which these services can be enhanced in order to reach the maximum people effectively. Further, the one stop government portals can be used as a platform to develop Unique Id system for the citizens of India. Thus, the paper throws light on an era of internet that attempted to change the government services in a country where the diversity and population is at its peak. Finally, it demonstrates and analyses some examples of states like Delhi which took an initiative to offer one stop govt. portal services.


1. E-governance has been clearly defined as “The use of new ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) particularly the Internet and the World-Wide-Web as channels of interactive communication connecting citizens and the state, facilitating both the delivery of government information and services ‘downwards’ to citizens and also public feedback ‘upwards’ to government.”, by the UN world public sector report. The report also clearly signifies the importance of E-governance measures in strengthening democracy and good governance. Analyzing the role of both ICT and World Wide Web as essential enablers of E-governance initiatives, one can conclude that the role of ICT is abstract and limited to the aspects of knowledge, advent of technology and expertise. On the other hand, World Wide Web is not merely a technology but also an interface which primarily depends upon the number of users interacting with it. Therefore, we can infer that the role of ICT is restrained and the primary enabler of E-governance measures is the number of “internet” users (citizen) in a country. Recent study [1] reveals that India has the highest growth rate of Internet users.

2. With the above explanation it is quite evident that the use of e-governance will benefit the citizens of India, if only the numbers are to be trusted. However there is extreme diversity in culture and thoughts of people in India, hence the effectiveness of implementation can be questioned. This paper analyzes the effectiveness of implementation and suggests some methods to enhance the service. The one stop govt. portal aims at providing all facilities at one platform; it’s an initiative where great resources are involved. This facility is for the benefit of the citizens of India, but still people are reluctant to use the services. The paper analyzes some of the problems of the portal and discusses some reasons for not opting to go for one stop govt. portals.

3. Though a one stop govt. portal aims at complete interoperability, there are no signs of it in the portals launched by the government. This lack of features promised is still acting as a hindering fact in the promotion of e-governance in India. This paper analyzes these features and tries to improve and incorporate them in the govt. portals to change the way people perceive e-governance,

4. The history of one platform portals and the reasons for their success and failures are also discussed.

5. Overall, the paper is all about the importance of one stop govt. portals in e-governance practices in India.


1. There is always a thinking of aiming for better and more advanced facilities, how much ever the best existing facility may be. Initially when the structure and rules of govt. were not properly defined, there was an urgent need to come up with a proper structure of govt. policies and rules. Once this was achieved people tried to adjust to the rules of democracy....
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