E-Commerce Website Evaluation Report

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E-Commerce Website Evaluation Report
December 10, 2012

E-Commerce Website Evaluation Report
The E-Commerce site chosen is Arngren.net at first glance of the site the visitors eyes are over the place unable to focus on just one subject of the entire web page. Also upon first view the user may just close the web page and find another place for shopping needs because of how the Arngren site is currently set up. In order to get potential customers Arngren should make better use of their Meta and title tags. By changing the title tags from the extremely long title tag currently used more Internet web searchers will find their website. From going from <title> over 20 words</title> to <title> Arngren Products</title> will help immensely. The Meta tags for their keywords should also be shortened down and not includes their web address. Listing their best sellers in their keywords would be a better option that using over 40 keywords; for example; <Meta name=”keywords” content=” Electronics, Gadgets, TV, DVD, ATV, Radio, moped, jeep, toys, aquarium, electric.”>. Meta tags do not need to be stuffed with keywords. In most cases one instance of the keyword is enough. The use of too many keywords stuffed into the Meta tags looks spammy. If two keywords need to be used that are the same the second instance should be in a variation of the first keyword and not a repeat of it. For example TV, Television would work as a variation of the first keyword. Also using an updated PageBuilder would help immensely. The Arngren site does not currently look like it has been updated other than to add a Christmas banner across the bottom of the home page. Making use of alt tags to added images and in the HTML code when the image is called for in the HTML code of the web page will help in describing the images by using unique descriptions found when looking at the image. Making the images the same size, preferably as small as they can be made,...

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