SCR Case Study 1

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1. Investigate SCR's Web site and learn about the company's history, purpose, and values. Is the site user-friendly? Why or why not? Provide at least four improvements you would suggest to Jesse. Three IT professionals founded the company. They wanted to create a new kind of IT firm. This vision seems to be very client oriented. The site is fairly user friendly. Some improvements I would suggest are as follows Consolidate the navigation menus. There is a huge empty space on the left. Put the menus there and make Home the first Link. Since that is the way to return to the main portion.

It appears that any one can access the intranet from the website. This is a security issue, as it would allow anyone to access the company’s intranet. The link should lead to a login page were only authorized people can access it.

We are in the mobile age and the web site displays the same on a Laptop, PC, or handheld device. You really need to have a mobile version created. As the site is quite difficult to access using a smart phone. It is usable but not as good as it could be.

The site doesn’t seem to us the available screen space well. There is a large white area on the sides and below. This gives a feel of blandness. I would suggest some larger headings and using all of the available screen space. The site is informative but not very exciting

2. On the SCR intranet, visit the data, forms, and resources libraries and review a sample of the information in each library. What other libraries might be created? Suggest at least two to Jesse. (Also see Attached PDF) I would recommend adding a library to list all the companies past and present projects. There should also be some form of library or directory for the company so that employees can easily find contact info of their colleges.

3. Using the SCR functions and organization listed in the data library; create an organization chart using Microsoft Word, Visio, or a drawing program. Be sure to show your own position on the chart.

4. Jesse says that SCR has plenty of competition in the IT consulting field. Get on the Internet and find four other IT consulting firms. She wants a brief description of each firm and the services it offers. Also tell her which firm impressed you most, and why. Of the following four firms FS Studio impressed me the most. Their website was easy to navigate and wasn’t cluttered with a lot of jargon type information. Just based off of my visit to their website I get the feeling that they are an enthusiastic, energetic, and forward thinking company that could help in any situation. I also liked that they seemed to be one of the only four I have listed that had any focus in the mobile area.

IT Consulting Firms

Agility Networks
They offer network services to businesses in and around the Chicago area and state that their focus is on Customer Satisfaction

They offer the following services
Managed Services
IT Consulting
Network Design and Support
Application Development
Cloud Computing

Citiscape It
They provide Huston businesses and medical practices a BETTER WAY to manage IT, information, assets, security, network, and compliance initiatives. The state that they “Specialize in superior onsite IT, consulting, Systems Integration, Information Security, and HIPAA Compliant Healthcare IT services, Consulting and Training Vendor Neutral and Unbiased Consulting

They offer the following services
Application Hosting Audits
Big Data Culling
Cloud Brokerage Services
Cloud Computing SLA Audits
Cloud Procurement Services
Cloud Security Auditing
Compliance Engineering
Computer Forensics
Computer Networks
Computer Security
Data Mapping
Data Privacy & Security
Data Recovery
Defensible Discovery
Defensible ESI
Document Management
EHR Consulting
EMR Consulting
Firewall Configurations
Forensic & Security Services
HealthCare IT Consulting
HIPAA Security Services
Information Security
Intrusion Detection & Audit...
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