Kudler Fine Foods Internet Website

Topics: Web design, World Wide Web, Website Pages: 6 (1936 words) Published: May 21, 2007
Analysis and Proposed Changes for Kudler Fine Foods Internet Website University of Phoenix
William Duliere

Learning Team C

Executive Summary:
Kudler Fine Foods is a growing company striving to provide its customers with the finest foods and ingredients possible. To serve their customers even better, Kudler has implemented an Internet website to expand their business. Although this is an excellent idea, their current website is lacking in several areas. Our team of computer software specialists will examine Kudler's webpage and examine all of the benefits and some of the drawbacks that it currently offers. We will then submit our proposal of a new website with an intriguing new look to attract new potential customers and encourage existing customers to venture into cyberspace. There is a world of opportunity awaiting Kudler Fine Foods on the internet, and our team will provide an in-depth proposal on how a new website, if marketed correctly, can boost revenues and make Kudler Fine Foods known around the globe.

Analysis of the Kudler Fine Foods Website

Although Kudler Fine Foods has somewhat of a special niche in food market, as it is not your typical chain "grocery store", it shouldn't stop them from investing a little time and effort into the marketing of their products and services, particularly with their comapany's website. The members of Team C have put together an analysis of the Kudler Fine Foods website that includes perspectives of three different aspects of the site. The first aspect will be the site's effectiveness, or lack thereof, from a potential customer's perspective. The second area we'll examine is the ease of site management and updating, and how that affects Kudler. Finally, we'll discuss effective design elements and why they are effective. Based on this analysis, we will subsequently provide some proposals for potential changes to the site. Looking at the Kudler website from a customer's perspective, the most obvious shortcoming that jumps out is the lack of information provided. Although the site does offer basic information, it is lacking in the type of information that so many similar sites are offering these days and that could ultimately bring in potential customers. The information that we are looking for should include some type of pricing information such as items that are currently on sale or coupon offers. This type of information is what catches many consumers' attention. If someone is taking the time to research a potential place to purchase a particular product, it would be a pretty safe bet that they are a smart consumer and most smart consumers look for ways to save money. Sometimes just the word "Sale" can draw people in even if the prices may be higher than in other places, so at least they are lured into your store and thus more likely to make a purchase than if there was nothing to grab their attention in the first place. Other types of specials or offerings should also be included in the site. For example, instead of just mentioning that you offer wine and cheese sampling, it may be more advantageous to include which wines and cheeses will be available for a particular week. A more detailed list of available products would also be welcomed information to list on the website. Just saying you have products from all these different countries doesn't necessarily equate to a good thing, especially if the products you are carrying aren't recognized for their quality. Therefore, mentioning a few recognizable brand names will give the customer a better idea of exactly what is available to them. Addressing these shortcomings in the type of information provided by the website will go a long way in improving the overall marketing strategy for Kudler, but there are additional concerns about the website that we must address as well. With the Kudler website possibly being the first experience a potential customer may have with the company, it would be...
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