Website Review and Summary

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Website Review and Summary

Website Review and Summary
On all the websites including local, state, and the national it is proof of how teen pregnancy has declined in the past several years. How each site is expressing awareness as the most important issue to decrease these numbers is overwhelming. Each site gives valuable information on how many teens have been pregnant in the last several years along with information based on types of diseases each person can get from having non-protective sex. Adoption is another aspect all government types draw awareness too. Types of structure between all levels of government

All levels national, state, and local are working to bring teen pregnancy down. Every site spoke of how to continue to decline pregnancy rates. Each level of government has started years ago taking steps of teen awareness. Making teens aware of not only pregnancy but what can happen with teen pregnancies is a big step all levels of governments are taking. Functions at each level of government agencies

Each level of government is taking every step possible to decline pregnancy among teens. Each level is also worried about AIDs or other diseases which may be contracted during sexual intercourse. On each website there was talk of how teen pregnancy not only affects the teens yet the baby as well. On several sites it was brought to attention of how adoption can be an option. All levels of government are expressing how many people are looking to adopt and how teens can make a difference by giving their babies up for adoption rather than try to raise a baby while they are still growing themselves. Teens that have babies cost the country more money because she normally uses the counties money to help raise her child. This money the girls are using is making for higher rates for each county. These girls are normally to your to work and raise the child themselves. Each level of government is basing all on teen pregnancy awareness. Levels of Government...

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