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The Five Keys To E-Branding Excellence
By Peter D. Weddle The best candidates are fickle consumers. These passive, high-caliber performers have lots of choices and, deep down inside, they don't want to make one. They receive a constant stream of employment offers from recruiters and, almost always, they elect to say, "No." Why? Because they are generally well treated by their current employer and thus have no motivation to endure the disruption and stress a change would involve. How can you overcome such reluctance? With a strong employment brand (or e-brand). Such a statement: acts as a magnet that draws even the most passive consumer into your recruiting process; and predisposes them to "buy" your organization's value proposition as an employer. Effective e-brands aren't easy to create, however. They are unlike commercial brands in several important respects. Wish as some might that it were otherwise, selling employers to top talent isn't like selling insurance or cars. So, while our colleagues in marketing can be helpful, we have no choice but to develop our own guidelines for developing a successful employment brand. The following five "keys" will get you started. 1. Avoid Organizational Multiple Personality Disorder.

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An effective e-brand highlights the two to three most important attributes of an organization's employment experience. These qualities define the essence of what it is like to work in the organization. When an e-brand tries to encompass more than that -- when it describes four, five or even more values, principles or cultural features -- it becomes too much for the candidate to...
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