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The basic idea of a CBBE model is that the power of the brand lies in the minds of the consumers. They are the firm’s building blocks to guide its marketing strategies. (Brand & Butter Blog, 2010)

1. Salience
The basic step of the pyramid talks about the brand awareness.

Swatch was developed in early 1980 as a trendy line of watches with a full brand identity and marketing concept. (Wikipedia, 2014) Being a part of the Swiss Group, which has an iconic brand image, swatch is a highly recognizable company across the globe. It provides different product models such as the lifestyle collection, color, stripes Swatch & Art, etc.

Founded in 1848, Omega symbolizes accomplishment and perfection. It is a Swiss based well-established and recognized brand of high quality and authenticity. It is recognized all over the world as a certified marine watch, Olympic time keeping watch, choice of NASA being the first watch on moon. (, 2014)

The second step of the pyramid has two blocks that add a meaning to the brand.

2. Performance

Swatch provides high quality and latest technology to its customers at lower prices. Synthetic materials are used for the watchcases accompanied by new ultra-sonic welding process and assembly technology. They follow aggressive marketing campaigns in order to gain popularity. It constants undergoes innovation by bringing new collections with trendy, stylish watches in the market.

In 1999, Omega proved to be a market pioneer by introducing its exclusive co-axial technology. It has made revolutionary progress by introducing innovative features and contributions like watch to bond ceramics and liquid metal, silicon-based balance springs, etc. (, 2012) They believe in perfection and uniqueness and hence they have talented and craftspeople working towards making classy watches.

3. Image
Swatch can be described through adjectives like “youthful”, “stylish”, “adventurous”, “passionate”, etc. The brand mainly caters to young students and professionals aged 18-25 and trendsetters who possess different passions and interests. On the other hand, Omega being a premium luxury brand mainly targets high-income group men and women and also classy, well-educated connoisseurs. It has an image of high quality with long warranty periods making it worthy for the price. Omega designs are based on lifestyle and not age. (, 2014)

The third step of the pyramid deals with developing customer response:

4. Judgment
Brand judgments revolve around what is considered as fairly logical, for many consumers. It maybe affected by Brand quality, credibility and superiority. (Singh, 2014)

Swatch though being a low priced brand but is considered to be a reliable brand as it is Swiss made and is perceived as a high quality brand though provided at affordable prices. It is the best choice of watch brand for customers who seek quality purchases and value versatility in their style. (, 2013)

Omega is considered to be a very trustworthy brand with latest technology. Being associated with various celebrities like James Bond and also with NASA, the brand is of superior value in the minds of the consumers. It’s uniqueness, elegance and classy finish gives it a competitive advantage over its competitors.

The fourth and fifth building block mainly talks about customer feeling towards the brand (customer feeling) and the customer relationship (Brand resonance)

5. Feelings
Swatch’s tagline says, “Match your style to your mood”. Owners of swatch feel sporty, young, trendy; stylish as well as there is an element of fun and excitement when associated with swatch. On purchasing an Omega watch, one gets a feeling of accomplishment, individualism and social approval. Also, there is an element of self respect and warmth associated with this brand.

6. Resonance
Both the brands, Swatch and Omega have high resonance.
Swatch has a swatch club, which is a home...

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