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Marketing communications represent the voice of a brand and the means by which companies can establish a dialogue with consumers concerning their product offerings, in other ways, marketing communications allow marketers to transcend the physical nature of their products or the Technical specifications of their services to imbue products and services with additional meaning and value. In doing so, marketing communications can contribute to greater brand purchases and sustained consumer loyalty. However traditional view of marketing communications tactics is no longer in use, because customer perceptions, altitudes are continuously changed over the time so, there is a need to adapt new prospective which is characterized by creativity and uniqueness In order to cope with customers perceptions.

The importance of marketing communications has grown in recent years for several reasons. More and more products and services are seen as being at “parity,” having arrived at the maturity stage of their life cycle. As a Result, points-of-difference to distinguish brands related to inherent qualities of the product or service have become harder to come by. By transcending these inherent qualities, marketing communications can provide information to create points-of-difference that otherwise would not be possible. In a cluttered, complex marketplace, marketing communications can allow brands to stand out and help consumers appreciate their comparative advantages.

1) What effects do communication options have in isolation of creativity role ? (i.e. when consumers are not exposed to any traditional communication option)? 2) What effects do communication options have in respect to creativity role ? (i.e. when consumers are also exposed to marketing communications in the light of creative marketing context)

The purpose of this paper is to provide additional insight into some of the theoretical and practical issues in marketing communication in...
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