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Topics: Han Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, History of China Pages: 3 (516 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Cornell Notes

Topic/Objective: Chapter 4, pages 158- 168

Erica Rodriguez

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Ap Wrld Hist- 6


Essential Question: Compare and contrast the Chinese and Roman Empire. Questions: What was the purpose of creating the Chinese Empire and which was the greatest dynasty? Notes: - not a matter of creating something new but restoring something old - Qin Shihuangdi dynasty succeed brilliantly - effective bureaucracy - equipped army with iron weapons - rapidly rising agricultural output and growing pop - Legalism was the political philosophy - Launched military campaign and in just 10 yrs defeated the other warring states - Empire formation was far more compressed than the centuries long Roman effort - Sent laborers to construct the Great Wall of China - Used to keep barbarians out from the north and erect a monumental mausoleum as the emperor's final resting place - Speed and brutality ensured that his own Qin dynasty didn't last long

What were some of Qin's accomplishments?

Predict what ended the Qin dynasty. What dynasty was after Qin? Compare and contrast Roman and Chinese Empires.

- The Han Dynasty - replaced legalism with Confucianism - Both invested heavily in public works - Both invoked supernatural sanctions to support their rule - Both absorbed foreign religious traditions - Rome: Christianity, Chinese: Buddhism - Both had different relationships toward society - Roman established a religious cult to bolster the authorities of living emp. - China believed in the Mandate of Heaven - Different languages - Both established centralized control over vast regions and huge pop.

Summary: The China and Roman Empire were more similar than different. They both invested heavily in public works, absorbed foreign religions, had different relationships toward society, and established centralized control over vast regions and huge populations. The contrast between them are their languages, political philosophies, and...
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