conference estimating in sydney

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Conference cost estimating in Sydney
Project cost management assignment 1

1) Introduction
Curtin University wants to provide an international conference on the project management in Sydney. This conference will start in 15th of January in 2015 in Sydney with 2 major objectives. Moreover, the conference’s duration will be two business days. Showing the university’s commitment profile to project management education. Provide the university’s community for extending knowledge in the project management field. Curtin University can enhance the university’s project management community by providing this international conference in comparison with the other universities. Professor Jefferson is the sponsor of this project who is one of the Curtin University’s academic staff members. During the first initiate session with Professor Jefferson he provided the project scope as; 2 day conference in Sydney to be run in January 2015.

2 high profile international key speaker for each day.
Local high profile key speaker from Sydney for the rest of the conference. The conference representative accommodation is going to be on their arrangement and cost. The conference dinner followed by some entertainment programs should be organised on the first day’s evening. Costs are based on an expected attendance of 200 representatives. The costs are based on the assumption which:

The scope limitation which described by Professor Jefferson. 10% accurate in considered for preparing this statistics
The statistics are basically calculated in April 2014 and the future inflation may affect these figures.

2) A brief explanation of how the data required for the estimate was collected/source The whole information and data for this estimate was done via a combination of the following links; Telephone and E-mail communication individually with certain companies and people Searching various websites for finding exact prices like which provides online booking Previous researches and articles about estimating which available on and All the figures are calculated on April 2014 and future inflation or late booking probably effect on final statistics. Hence 10% accuracy is considered in this cost estimating which can cover some changes like inflation, inaccuracy and misremember any categories.

3) A detailed list of the contents of the estimate and the respective costs

Scope of Item based on total $AU.
All the international speakers’ expenses are divided into 3 main categories; •Accommodation
Ticket expenses
Professor Jefferson and his two guesses are going to come from Perth and their expenses are divided in to same categories like the international speakers.

Sofitel luxury hotels has selected as the speakers accommodation which located in Sydney CBD and has a convenient access to all places in Sydney. Moreover, the conference’s space which selected for the Curtin university’s conference is located in this hotel and it can help us to have a sharp decrease in the amount of money for booking luxury cars as a result of that we don’t need to provide any transportation for the international speakers, professor Jefferson and her guesses at the day of the conference. Furthermore, the hotel’s restaurant has been selected as the whole catering program, during the conference (Sofitel luxury hotels 2014). The other advantages of this hotel are providing free high speed internet in their rooms, conference salon and different entertainments for their customers such as a big pub, club, gym, swimming pool and live music in their restaurant which work to late at night and shuttle buses which transfer their customers to fantastic places in Sydney. For instance, beautiful beaches, Blue Mountain and shopping centres. The cost of staying in the hotel’s luxury room is 253.75$AU per night in January which is the most expensive month in Sydney and key speakers followed by professor...

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