Multi Projects Case Study

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The following report is based on a case study of Multi Projects Inc. Multi Projects Inc. is an organization that operates in a Matrix-type Organization but does not effectively and efficiently utilize this type of organizational structure to its fullest potential and this becomes disadvantageous in this particular scenario.

This is illustrated through a number of problems identified in this report such as a lack of project prioritisation, no clear and appropriate balance of power between project- and functional managers, inefficient utilisation of resources, lack of a personal development and knowledge growth programme and a display of dysfunctional behaviour by individuals.

The primary causes of the above stated problems were a lack of leadership and no formal system to facilitate effective project integration. There also seems to be a lack of team culture in the organization and a limited understanding of the operating guidelines by which the organization should operate the Matrix-type Organization. There are also appears to be no formal communication lines between various stakeholders in the organization.

The recommended solution centred around the creation and implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO). The creation of a PMO had advantages that would simultaneously solve a number of the systemic problems inherent in the Multi Projects Inc. organizational structure. This would of course require a strategic transformation project to be initiated but the long term benefits of the change are significant and are illustrated in the report. We also recommend that Multi Projects Inc. should introduce a team building strategy to resolve a number of team dynamic issues that are prevalent.

In conclusion, the problems faced by Multi Projects are not significant enough to become detrimental to the profitability of the organization in the short term. The solution outlined in this report however is a pre-requisite for continuous improvement and the long term competitive advantage of the company. 2INTRODUCTION

Multi Projects Incorporation is a growing project management consulting firm whose strategy is to focus on serving existing clients and targeting growing companies for future business. Multi Projects Inc. operates as a matrix-type organization, and as new projects come in, a project manager is assigned to it. The current situation faced in Multi Projects Inc. is that they have to take on a new project for a new client, Growin Corporation, which they thought was never going to materialize. This has caused various conflicts and anxieties to arise between two project managers, Julie Capriolo and Jeff Armstrong, the systems engineering manager, Jennifer Fernandez, and the senior systems engineer, Tyler Bonilla. Goodold Company is the faithful existing client whose primary reason for utilizing Multi Projects is due to Tyler’s expertise, knowledge and great work he brings to their projects.

Based on the data ascertained in the case the following assumptions are made: •There is no Programme Management function to which Julie and Jeff report to; •Tyler is not utilised in multiple project teams, and is currently only working on the Goodold Company project; •As lead systems engineer it is assumed that Tyler has a team of system engineers reporting to him; •Multi projects does not utilise a formal tool/programme, which would primarily plan and schedule human resources in the execution of projects. 3MATRIX ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OVERVIEW

The following is an extract written by Fahad Usmani on 23rd August 2012. The extract provides a brief overview of the matrix-type organisation structure, the advantages and disadvantages of such a structure, and how to overcome the disadvantages of this structure.

“A matrix Organization Structure is a type of an organization structure, which takes the best features of both worlds; i.e. the projectized organization structure and the...

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