Chapter 5

Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Christianity Pages: 7 (766 words) Published: November 14, 2013
John Moore
AP world history

Chapter 5:The classical period; directions,diversions and decline by 500 C.E.


Picture: A picture of a painting of Christ with his head surrounded by a halo. Timeline:

1000B.C. 1000 Polynesians reach Fiji, Samoa 1000 independent kingdom of Kush 800–400 spread of Olmec civilization; cultivation of maize, potatoes; domestication of turkeys, dogs 300 rise of Axum.

1C.E 30 crucifixion of Jesus 100 root crops introduced-southern Africa-trade 100 beginning of decline– han dynasty 180 Rome begins to decline 200 extensive agriculture-Japan 227 beginning Sassanid Empire in Persia

250 C.E 884–305 Reign of Diocletian 300 Ethiopia adopts Christianity 312– 337 Reign of Constantine 370–480 Nomadic invasions of western Europe 400 growth of Mayan civilization 400 Polynesians reach Hawaii 500 Hans begin to invade India 476 collapse of Rome

500B.C 500 Buddhism takes root in east and southeast Asia 500 formation of Gaia 600 beginning of Islam 618 paying dynasty in China:glorious culture. 700 Shintoism unified-single-national religion-Japan

Expansion and integration

Beyond the Classical civilizations

Axum Kingdom located in Ethiopian Highlands; replaced Meroë in first century CE;received strong influence from Arabian Peninsula; eventually converted to Christianity. Ethiopia Christian Kingdom-developed- highlands of Eastern Africa under dynasty King Lalaibela; retained Christianity in the face of Muslim expansion elsewhere in Africa.

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