Chapter 5

Topics: Max Weber, Emergency management, Federal Emergency Management Agency Pages: 2 (989 words) Published: September 21, 2014
1. Distinguish between primary groups and secondary groups. Provide examples of primary and secondary groups to which you belong.

Primary groups display a personal orientation, people in secondary groups have a goal orientation. Primary group members define each other according to who they are in terms of family or personal qualities, but people in secondary groups look to one another for what they are. Some examples would include living in a suburb area. People including myself tend to interact with those around us including neighbors because we define them as family and have personal qualities. Some secondary groups in which I belong to would be in the workplace. My Co-workers are not necessarily family but I remain formal and polite.

2. What are some of the reference groups that are important to you? How did you choose them?  What functions do they serve?

Some references groups that are important to me include my friends and family. I chose them because they play a large role in the way I want to be perceived and they are also my main supportive network. These reference groups serve as a foundation to my life and provide stability and support.

3. Select a bureaucracy with which you are familiar and analyze the extent to which it is accurately described by Weber’s six-point ideal-type model. How would you account for any variations you may have identified?

A bureaucracy with which I am familiar with would be FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). 1. Specialization: They specialize in the response of emergencies by working with local and state governments. 2. Hierarchy of positions: FEMA arranges workers in vertical ranking. You may view this information at 3. Rules and regulations: FEMA’s Five Strategic Priorities: 1. Priority 1: Be survivor-centric in mission and program delivery 2. Priority 2: Become an expeditionary organization

3. Priority 3: Posture and build capability for catastrophic...
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