Anthropology 101 Lecture 10

Topics: Anthropology, Victor Turner, Linguistic relativity Pages: 3 (508 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Anthropology 10
Ritual and Psychology

What is Ritual?
Habitual form of behavior that links itself to larger then self ( commitment ) Brushing your teeth being a ritual
running everyday is ritualist? maybe maybe not, whats happening in your mind when your doing it

American Spousal Exchange
Vegas, San Fran, New york
divorce rate lower then average 15-20 %
Are they capable of love? Yes they are
they separate sex and love
why don’t their marriages there their marriages apart?
has to do with ritual, they all do the same thing
preritualistic things- comments about clothes, partners they like, they become focused on each other, they reaffirm to one another, men saved their ejeculation
thy’re upholding the couple, that they are a unit
a separation to rejunivate their relationship

We need ritual for us to become social
without ritual no social

Also works on the national level


fourth of july

2002 4 july more sacred because of the emotional meaning
emphasis on value
everybody in the group is aware of the holiday

Van Gennep Rights of Passage
3 processes in a Life Crisis
Separation- that you are not part, step back from everyday life, become a different person, Birth- not being a member of the church, baptistism transitional- Liminal - a movement between status, being a student not sure what your going to be when your going to grow up, there’s always a point moving from one identity to another , marriage, single people then being engaged , going steady , living together, mourners- after burring body and funerals Incorporation

Victor Turner
break up all of society
Inside Structure, in between,top/bottom of structure
-outside structure- batman and robin
-we tend to image people in the top and bottom, who are more morally loose

working class or college educated, more erotically experimental?

Anti Structure
Egalitarian- rock concerts, drinking, getting high, not caring...
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