A Study on Market Potential and Business Sustainability of Hyderabad Beats in Media Industry

Topics: Scientific method, Data collection, Sampling Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: February 25, 2013

The present study covers Hyderabad Beats; an upcoming community newspaper of Hyderabad is in its maiden stages of progression into the world of Media and Advertising. It is a concept born out of novel ideas from a group of enthusiasts. The basic premise of Hyderabad Beats” lies in the belief that “today’s cities have grown into very vast areas, where in each and every place has too many opportunities and options to explore”.

News papers today, often fail to publicize the available facilities or raise their voice against the issues such as sanitation, child labour, transportation, health and hygiene within the city limits. In the present scenario of 8-10 jobs, personally not many people know what is happening in their surroundings. Be it a health camp, a competition for their kids, a workshop, a concert or the launch of a new showroom close by. All such intricate events happening around us are often lost in the big picture. People tend to get disoriented and even worse, lose interest in the world around them. We strongly perceive that a community based newspaper is a basic prerequisite for every area. This laid the foundation for Hyderabad Beats and this is where we hope to reach the community with information at grass root level.

The scope of the present study is to analyze the company’s strategies of establishing new and innovative programs to attract viewers. This study would also cover the Media promotions strategies, special customer loyalty programs, and brand recognition methods adopted by Hyderabad Beats. A set of questionnaire will be framed as a primary analysis tool for carrying out the survey among the workforce of HB and the potential readers. Survey questionnaire will cover all the aspects of the study in a 360 degree. The outcome of the research would be helpful for the HB to know about the potential market on other parts of India and...
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