How to Write a Project Report

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“It is not possible to prepare a project report without the assistance & encouragement of other people. This one is certainly no exception.”

On the very outset of this report, I would like to extend my sincere & heartfelt obligation towards all the personages who have helped me in this endeavor. Without their active guidance, help, cooperation & encouragement, I would not have made headway in the project.

I am ineffably indebted to NAME for conscientious guidance and encouragement to accomplish this assignment.

I am extremely thankful and pay my gratitude to my faculty NAME for her/hisvaluable guidance and support on completion of this project in its presently.

I extend my gratitude to COLLEGE NAME for giving me this opportunity.I also acknowledge with a deep sense of reverence, my gratitude towards my parents and member of my family, who has always supported me morally as well as economically.

At last but not least gratitude goes to all of my friends who directly or indirectly helped me to complete this project report.

Any omission in this brief acknowledgement does not mean lack of gratitude.

Thanking You


Respondents of the study

The study is done to find out the working in the company and its marketing strategies(Pricing strategies and Promotional strategies) so that would leads to benefit to the company regarding more customer attraction towards the products and its services. Strategies regarding pricing and promotion also had a great impact regarding customer attraction towards the product and services provided by I.WEB Nepal PVT. LTD.


The limitations of the internship were:

• The duration of internship was just three months. Therefore, Few things could be learnt.

• The duration of internship was limited and...
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