The Analysis of Marketing Communications Campaign with the Case of Nike Football Shoes
Topics: Marketing / Pages: 10 (2351 words) / Published: Jan 23rd, 2011

Marketing mix is an essential tool for companies to target their customers, price and promote their product and locate their places. By analysing the 4P’s, companies can make the plans and achieve their goals. Marketing communications, as the promotion factor in marketing mix plays a key role in developing marketing strategies. To getting more customers and compete with their rivals, companies spend a lot of money on promotion. The promotion activities like advertising, sales and discounts happened around us every day. In sport industry, the marketing communications exist as well. The sport market is different with other industries, because the innovation of sport product is extremely fast and the sport product customers can be easily affected by ‘emotional attachment and personal identification that sport commands’. (Smith, 2008). Thus, how to be success in the marketing communications campaign is a important problem to be considered by managers.
In this essay, I will first analyse theorise of marketing communications and explain the elements of marketing communications process. After analysing the theories, I will set a model about the marketing communications campaign in sport industry. The model includes five parts: Align with marketing objective, consider the target market, set promotional objectives and develop promotional mix. Finally, I will take Nike as a case study; evaluate their practice on these steps, and show how Nike company promote their football shoes on their marketing communication campaign.
Literature Review
Schramm (1960) argues that there are four key components involved in communications process: sender, message, media and receiver. In this model, sender is the source to send message, then the massage is spread by media and finally received by receivers, which are the people who receive the message. In marketing communication process, the IMC make some extension. The IMC provides two more elements: receiver response and

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