Taco Bell

Topics: Marketing, Taco Bell, Fast food Pages: 6 (1789 words) Published: April 20, 2013
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Definition of Marketing
1.2 Consumer Behaviour
1.3 Advertising
1.4 Distribution
2.0 Taco Bell Corp
2.1 History of Taco Bell Corp
2.2 Taco Bell Menus
2.3 Promotion
2.4 What kind of marketing strategies Taco Bell use
2.4.1 1996 “April Fool”
2.4.2 2013 “Cool Ranch”
3.0 Competitors
3.1 Del Taco
3.2 Taco Cabana
4.0 Data Analysis
5.0 Recommendation
6.0 References


This report is for the research that is based on the questions; '' What is Marketing?'' and '' How to Use Marketing Strategy to Make Product Success? ''. Firstly, marketing will be defined and some kind of marketing will be listed such as international and local marketing. In this report, the franchise '' Taco Bell '' will be used as a main example to present what exactly is marketing and how exactly is a marketing strategy drawn up and executed. How Taco Bell uses their marketing strategies and how they failed in some countries such as Singapore will be discussed. Justification

This report is mainly based on the study of marketing. In the business studies field, marketing is one of the most popular subjects and it also plays an important role in everyday businesses. I think marketing is a very interesting subject as it has been proven that for the commercial success of a product, not only is the quality important, but the marketing strategies are crucial as well. Hence, this topic was chosen with the aim of researching on how success in marketing can be achieved. 1.0 Introduction

The following report is researched from various sources to define what is marketing and what kind of marketing strategies that companies and co-operations use to achieve success. To achieve target or goal in marketing, companies have to know consumers’ behaviours, cultures and tastes among other various facts. The report presents that marketing can be divergent in ways which can attract consumers' attention and of course, nothing can be certain in life as well as the business world and this report also states the failure of marketing. Taco Bell Corp, one of the most successful franchise in the US, have seen defeat in some country. The report will state how Taco Bell Corp carries out their marketing process around the world. 1.1 Definition of Marketing

What does the marketing mean? The words: advertising and selling are not enough to define marketing because there still have many words in marketing concept: needs, wants, and demands; marketing offers (products, services, and experiences); value and satisfaction; exchange, transactions, and relationship; and markets. Marketing concept cannot be complete without those meanings. Marketing as a process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want by creating and exchanging products and value with others. Today, marketing must be understood not in the old sense of making a sale – “telling and selling” – but in the new sense of satisfying customer needs. (page- 5/10)

1.2 Consumer Behaviour
Consumer Behaviour plays an important role in marketing. No one can predict consumer behaviour and what they want even, who are very successful in marketing field. There are two types of consumer: personal consumer and organization consumer. Personal consumers mean buying for your own use or for your family, furthermore, an organization’s consumer states that who make buying decisions for their companies for a living such as resellers, wholesalers and retailers. Consumer behaviour is based on culture, lifestyle, taste, personality, social and psychological. According to make successful marketing strategies, the most important thing is to understand the preferences of different consumers. The consumer buys product to satisfy the needs. (http://iamsam.hubpages.com/hub/Consumer-Behaviour)

1.3 Advertising
Advertising promote the product...

References: 2.1 History of Taco Bell
Taco Bell is a Mexican-style fast food, was founded in March 21, 1962 by Glen Bell – born September 23rd, 1923 near Long Beach, California
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