“a Study on Internet Users Attitudes Towards Online Marketing Through Blogs and Communities”

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A Dissertation Report on
“A Study on Internet Users attitudes towards online Marketing through Blogs and Communities”

Executive Summary
The Internet has opened up new opportunities for companies to market and sell their products online. In the early days of internet marketing and still some of the more widely used methods are Pop-ups and Banners. These methods were perceived as irritating and more or less ignored. With this in mind, marketers have been searching to find new and alternative ways of marketing, in addition to the traditional methods. Eventually, as the trend of blogs and communities began growing, so did the companies interests towards them. Because of the new possible forms of online marketing, and due to the companies increasing efforts to receive better from their advertisement budget, the purpose of this project is to examine if marketing on sites such as blogs and communities are more positively perceived upon among internet users. This has been examined in relation to the traditional means of online marketing. Furthermore, it was examined whether or not the tailoring of advertisements had more effect on users, and if there were any differences in the general perception of blog- and community advertisements among male and female consumers.

The data needed was gathered quantitatively through an online survey and questionnaires, based on the consumer point of view of this matter.

The results indicate that a majority of the respondents are more positive towards advertisements on blogs and communities, as well as customized advertisements. It was further found that these advertisements did not disrupt the surfer’s experience. The findings also show that a majority of the respondents are aware of online advertisements in general, and just as many have developed a dislike towards them. However, the male respondents have a more positive view of advertisements on blogs and communities, than the female. The same finding appeared in regard to tailored ads; while male consumers consider these as more acceptable, the female respondents have an indifferent opinion. To the question of why certain online advertisements were more favoured, the most common response was due to these advertisements being related to their interests. Conclusively, tailored ads that are developed and placed in relation to the website and its content have a larger effect on internet users, than do random advertisements.


Chapter No.| Name of the Chapter| Page No.|
1| Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Internet Marketing 1.3 Blogs 1.4 Communities 1.5 Definitions| 01-1101-0202-0505-0808-0909-11| 2| Research Methodology2.1 Purpose of Research2.2 Research Approach2.3 Research Method2.4 Statement of the Problem2.5 Objective of the Study2.6 Scope of the study2.7 Data Collection Methods2.8 Population, Sample and Limitations| 12-1912131414151515-1718-19| 3| Industry Profile3.1 Factors Influencing Internet Advertising in India3.2 Latest Trends in the Internet Advertising Market in India3.3 Outlook for Internet Advertising in India3.4 Respondents profile| 20-2722-2424-252627| 4| Analysis and Interpretation| 28-50|

5| Findings and Suggestion| 51-52|
6| Conclusion| 53-56|
| Bibliography & Annexure| |


S. No.| Name of the Table| Page No|
1.1| Four possibilities of organizing an online community| 9| 2.1| Differences between deductive and inductive approaches to research| 13| 2.2| The weaknesses and strengths of surveys as Data Collection Method| 16| 3.1| Showing the gender profile| 27|

3.2| Showing the age profile| 27|
3.3| Showing the occupational profile| 27|
4.1| An example of the design of the coding system| 28|
4.2| Presentation of data related to Research.| 29|
4.3| Table showing percentage of respondents that know about blogs| 30| 4.4...
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