Applied Management Project

Topics: Advertising, Pay per click, Fast moving consumer goods Pages: 39 (13570 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Applied Management Project


Name: Umar Farooq Faisal
ID : 0916922

Table of Contents
Serial no:| Topic| Page no:|
| Executive Summary | 3|
| Aims & objectives| 4|
1| Advertising| 5|
2| FMCG Introduction| 6|
3| Advertising of FMCG| 7|
4| Conventional Advertising of FMCG| 7|| Radio Based Advertising| 8|
| Television Based Advertising| 9|
| Press Based FMCG Advertising| 11|
| Outdoor FMCG Advertising| 11|
| Cinema Based FMCG Advertising| 12|
5| Literature Review | 12|
6| Modern Advertising of FMCG| 14|| Internet for FMCG Advertising| 16| | | Web Based Advertising| 20|
| | Social Networks Based Advertising | 23|
| | a.b.c.d.| Twitter| 25|
| | | FaceBook| 26|
| | | MySpace| 27|
| | | YouTube| 28|
| | Banner Ads & Rich Media| 30|
| | Search Engines Based Advertising| 34|
| | E mail Based Advertising | 37|
| | Online Sponsorship Based Advertising| 39|
| | Interstitial Based Advertising | 41|
| | 3-D Visualization | 43|
| | AdverGames Based Advertisement | 44|
| | Blogs based Advertising | 47|
| Mobile Advertising | 49|
7| Discussing & Concluding | 53|
8| Recommendations | 56|
9| References | |

Development of New technology has changed the communication tools for the advertising industry. Previously companies mostly rely upon the print ads, radio and TV. About two decades back these were regarded as most efficient mediums for FMCG advertisement. Introduction of new technology provided audience with more strength to dictate what they want to watch. Website is the first step from a company to show its presence on the internet. Web site should be simple, attractive and colorful according to customer psychology .So, these features can lead customer to spend more time on website and buy his/her required product. Banner ads and rich media, search engines and email advertising can be used by FMCG companies to direct internet traffic to the website and to improve brand awareness. FMCG companies can use blogs and social media websites to show their presence over internet and also to make people communicate about their brand. 3-D visualization and AdverGames are new techniques to hit customer conscious and sub conscious levels and to create brand affiliation. FMCG companies should have to adopt these techniques in order to create brand loyalty in customers. Mobile advertisement is most rapidly growing channel for advertising and selling of FMCG. It can be used by FMCG companies to manage relations increase sales and direct traffic to their website. Many FMCG companies are shifting toward the new advertising technology and selling channels. But still majority of the companies still rely on traditional channels. Adopting these new techniques will help the companies to enhance brand awareness, increase sales, and develop customer loyalty toward their brands.


The technology is changing with every passing day due to which the old communication strategies and selling channels have become less sufficient and less affective. The basic purpose behind this report is to identify all modern communication technologies and selling channels that can be used for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. We will go through following steps in order to achieve our objectives.

* Understand the concepts of advertising and Fast Moving Consumer Goods * Old communication and selling channels for FMCG products * Literature review of recent communication and selling channels * Determine the ways used by these channels to grab audience * Identify and discuss the methods by which FMCG...

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