Innovations of Internet Marketing

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Innovations of Internet Marketing
Formal Report Proposal

Irvine, California

Prepared for:
Christopher Trinh / President of P.A.W.S
P.A.W.S (Pet Shop and Grooming)

Prepared by:
Khristine Nguyen / Project Manager
P.A.W.S (Pet Shop and Grooming)

1234 Harvard St.
Irvine, CA 92606
Headquarters of P.A.W.S
4321 Standford St.
San Diego, CA 92500
ATTN: Christopher Trinh / President of P.A.W.S

Innovations of Marketing

This proposal has been completed in order to show the benefits of internet marketing and how it will prevent this company from its decreasing revenues and will help succeed the company for a longer and brighter future.

In this proposal, it will educate the company what the definition of what internet marketing is. It will describe the benefits that come from internet marketing for this company. The proposal will also explain the types of internet marketing that can help earn money for both parties.

Thank you for this opportunity for your time and consideration on this proposal and hopefully can move forward with this idea.

Tina Nguyen
Project Manager

Executive Summary – Pg. 4
Introduction – Pg. 5
Discussion – Pg. 6-8
Conclusions – Pg. 9
Recommendations – Pg. 9
Visuals References – Pg. 10
References – Pg. 11

Executive Summary
P.A.W.S has been around for over 6 years and has done significantly well in those years. Although, it has been brought to attention that P.A.W.S sales were decreasing and they have not change their routine in their entire period of their business.

The CEO’s of P.A.W.S has given out an assignment to find what the company was doing wrong and what would be a way to increase the sales back to what it was before. Looking through the company’s history, balance sheets, inventory and reviews, different ideas were discussed amongst the managers on what to do.

After research, internet marketing was sought to be the best idea to help P.A.W.S get back on its feet. What exactly internet marketing is, what can it do for this company and what types are there are in this proposal to help understand why this idea was chosen out of everything else. Since, internet marketing is what almost every single business is doing to get their name out there, why doesn’t P.A.W.S do it as well? P.A.W.S has not stepped into the world of internet marketing; why not step into it now?

Due to the decreasing sales of P.A.W.S, a research was made to find a strategy to prevent P.A.W.S from losing its revenue. The idea of internet marketing came to mind due to the since P.A.W.S has not been marketing through the internet. Although, P.A.W.S has been doing the same routine for years and as well in its marketing techniques, the challenge was proposal is to help understand why this company should.

The purpose for this proposal is to give a better understanding on what internet marketing is and what it can do to help the company. There are more pros than cons using internet marketing and the company can only benefit from this idea.

Description and Background:
Currently, the internet has become more and more reliant on conveying messages towards consumers than television has. People are on social media more than they are watching televisions. With the innovations of smart phones, people use the internet on their phones to go on social media, browse the webs, play games, and also check their email. That brings marketing into the internet world and having it evolved to help businesses expand by going world wide web and reaching through people via internet.

This proposal contains a definition of what internet marketing is and how it evolved to what it is now. It also contains the benefits of internet marketing for P.A.W.S and what types of internet marketing there is out there for P.A.W.S to use.


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