A Study on "Corruption in the Health Sector in the Third World Countries": Context Bangladesh

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare, Medicine, Health economics / Pages: 22 (5432 words) / Published: May 19th, 2011


Partha Pradip Sarkar
ID # 3-07-11-017
MBA Evening Program
Department of Management Studies
University of Dhaka

March 2008
Executive Summary


he main objective of this study was to identify the sources and patterns of corruption in the Health Sector in Bangladesh and to analyze the causes and impacts of these corruptions. This paper describes important areas of vulnerability to corruption within the health sector and identifies approaches for prevention. Corruption in the health sector is a critical problem in developing and transitional economies where government resources are already scarce.

The major sources / areas that are identified subject to enormous unbridle corruption are like: Health care professionals, Distribution and use of drugs and supplies in public hospitals, Construction and rehabilitation of health facilities, Hospital Procurement, Regulation of quality in products and services, Education of health professionals, Health ministry and management personnel etc.

The causes of corruption in the health sector in Bangladesh can be listed as - Lack of good governance in every level of mgt. system from Upazilla health complex to the health ministry,, Acute shortage of health care facility, Illiteracy of majority beneficiaries which has opened up many opportunities for corrupt transactions, Lack of transparency and accountability in every sphere, Political alignment of trade unions, Less job satisfaction of health professionals etc.

Recommendations that are prescribed for reducing the degrees of corruption in this sector are as follows:

❑ Preventing corruption in the health sector should be linked with overall anti-corruption strategies at the national level.

❑ Good governance to be established in all spheres of the health sector in Bangladesh. Variety of barriers will be there, but the practice should be started.

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