current scenario of health management in india

Topics: Hygiene, Medicine, Health insurance Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: February 16, 2014
The healthcare system in our country is comprised of both public and private hospitals.Its management is very bleak in the present scenario and there is an an urgent need to strengthen it.Firstly the per capita spend on healthcare in our country is much below the requirement.Second major drawback of our healthcare management is unequal distribution of infrastructure.Urban areas are having world class health facilities but rural areas on the other hand lack even the primary healthcare.Though there has been a significant increase in the number of hospitals in the past few years but still they are much below the desired number.Similarly the number of doctors and nurses in our country needs to be enhanced.According to a latest survey,the number of doctors per thousand people in our country is 0.8 which should be increased to 1 so that each and every person is able to get proper treatment.Due to absence of required number of doctors,long queues in hospitals is a commonly seen feature.This not only leads to frustration of patients due to long waiting hours but also overburdens the existing doctors.The number of beds in hospitals are also less than the requirement.Another major drawback commonly seen in hospitals is lack of cleanliness and hygiene which may lead to secondary infections in patients admitted for treatment.There is lack of latest technology and shortage of equipments in various hospitals.Also there is lack of specialist doctors in rural areas thus leading people to run to nearby town in case any serious medical emergency emerges.There is ignorance of patient safety and comfort in various hospitals specially the public ones.Things are done in public hospitals just for the sake they are to be done.The real essence of healthcare service i.e. to relieve the pain of patient at any cost is lost somewhere nowadays.Doctors are more concerned about earning money rather than providing relief to the patients.Also there is lack of adequate of screening of doctors in...
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