Effective Aproches in Leadership and Managemen

Topics: Leadership, Management, Nursing Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Nursing turn over and staff shortage is an ongoing and very major problem inn the health care field. Different studies shows that if no actions taken, the nurse shortage will increase 30% by 2020.In this paper this writer is going to discuss about the nurse turn over and nurse shortage, discuss how nurse leaders and managers can resolve this problem, different theories of leadership and management that can be applicable, and finally the personal and professional philosophy on this issue. Every health care facility has their own managers and leaders for the proper functioning of that facility. The prosperity and future lays on these managers and leaders by their plans on long term strategy implication.Inadaequate staffing or staff shortage leads a major safety threat to patients as well as for the staff and as whole the total positive out come the facility. The staff shortage and increasing turn over results a significant reduction of beds available for service, cost increases and the quality of care delivered is decreasing. Identifying and maintaining adequate number of staff is very vital for the safe patient care delivery. One reason for this issue is aging force. Majority of nurses are aged and going to be retried soon. Another reason is nurses gets burned out because nursing is a very stressful job both physically and emotionally. The current economy status, massive reduction on nursing budget resulted on shortage of nurses. Also unsatisfied and poor working environment, increased work load leads increase absenteeism among staff. The increased workload affects the performances of staff and ultimately, the quality of nursing care will impact negatively. If the staff feel that they are not cared for, then it is difficult to take care their patients. Nurses likes to work in an environment with less stress and where they feel more esteemed.

Leadership and managerial skills
Leadership and management are same with different definitions. A manager sometimes may...
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