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Being a paramedic arriving to an emergency scene, the scout master is stuck in between rocks at the opening of a cave with young scouts trapped behind him that could drown if they are not out immediately. Every piece of the cave have been checked to see if there are alternate escape routes for them but there are none. The only way to get these kids out is to sacrifice the scout master. Duty oriented reasoning

The duty oriented reasoning would be for the focus to be getting everyone out of the situation fast and safe. Knowing that the cave is flooding the first thought would be to brake/dislocate the scoutmaster’s shoulders so that they fold and then push the scoutmaster back into the cave and safely remove the children from the cave. This plan could work and would be effective but the scoutmaster would not make it out of the cave alive. Consequence oriented reasoning

The consequences behind the reasoning for the choice that I have made would be that everyone would not live. With the braking of the shoulders would give room for the scoutmaster to be wiggled or pushed back into the cave instead of trying to pull the rest of his body out. After pushing him back in the children could climb over top of him to get out the cave before the water rise enough to drown them. In result the scoutmaster would drown due to the fact there would not be enough time to for someone to get into the whole and get back out with the scoutmaster before the cave filled. Virtue ethics reasoning

When arriving to the scene pictures came to mind of what would be the best possible route to take to get everyone out safe. After considering all possible options the one chosen was the best possible solution without leaving the children traumatized from witnessing their scoutmaster being put down.

When it comes to different situations in healthcare depending on the...
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