Manage Health and Social Care

Topics: Health, Nutrition, Personal life Pages: 14 (4477 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Unit 13:
Manage Health and Social Care
Practice to Ensure Positive Outcomes
for Individuals

Unit code: M3
Unit reference number: M/602/2850
QCF level: 5

1 Understand the theory and principles that underpin outcome-based practice

Q1.1 -Explain ‘outcome-based practice’

Q1.2- Critically review approaches to outcome based practice

Q1.3- Analyse the effect of legislation and policy on outcome based practice

Q1.4 Explain how outcome-based practice can result in positive changes in individuals’ lives

2 Be able to lead practice that promotes social,emotional, cultural,spiritual and intellectualwellbeing

Q2.1- Explain the psychological basis for wellbeing

Q2.2- Promote a culture among the workforce of considering all aspects of individuals’ wellbeing in day-to-day practice

Q2.3 -Review the extent to which systems and processes promote individual wellbeing

3 Be able to lead practice that promotes individuals’ health

Q3.1- Demonstrate the effective use of resources to promote good health and healthy choices in all aspects of the provision

Q3.2- Use appropriate methods to meet the health needs of individuals

Q3.3- Implement practice and protocols for involving appropriate professional health care expertise for individuals

Q3.4- Develop a plan to ensure the workforce has the necessary training to recognise individual health care needs

4 Be able to lead inclusive provision that gives individuals’ choice and control over the outcomes they want to achieve

Q4.1- Explain the necessary steps in order for individuals to have choice and control over decisions

Q4.2- Manage resources so that individuals can achieve positive outcomes

Q4.3- Monitor and evaluate progress towards the achievement of outcomes

Q4.4- Develop a plan to ensure the workforce has the necessary training to support individuals to achieve outcomes

Q4.5- Implement systems and processes for recording the identification, progress and achievement of outcomes

5 Be able to manage effective working partnerships with carers,families and significant others to achieve positive outcomes

Q5.1- Analyse the importance of effective working relationships with carers, families and significant others for the achievement of positive outcomes

Q5.2- Implement systems, procedures and practices that engage carers, families and significant others

Q5.3- Use appropriate approaches to address conflicts and dilemmas that may arise between individuals, staff and carers, families and significant others

Q5.4- Explain how legislation and regulation influence working relationships with carers, families and significant others

5.5 Implement safe and confidential recording systems and processes to provide effective information sharing and recording


I will look at understanding health and well being by including positive, negative and holistic definitions of health. Further, I will consider different aspects and cultures, which affect health. I am going to observe a client and analyse the PIES while taking health measures for him. In the end of my assessment, I would set targets for my client to improve his health and also provide leaflets and brochures and include information from experts to motivate him to stick to the plan. I will make him aware about the effects a bad lifestyle may have on him. This coursework is laid in sections as section A, B, C and D. Section A will contain definitions of health, how cultures look at health and the history of the health care sector; how it changed over time. In section B, I will look at factors affecting health and will also introduce my client while looking at the factors affecting his PIES. In section C, I will collect life style records of Mr. Jayaweera, who is my client to look at his PIES in detail and prepare health plans. Section D will look at how my plans are SMART. This will give a description about how the...
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