Corruption Thesis

Topics: Political corruption, Corruption, United States Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Statement of the Problem

There are things where a country most probably suffers, a thing or a crisis in other term, that was done by a country’s own officials which results into a more inefficient and ineffective type of government. This crisis is corruption; one solution to this problem may be by removing those people who are the cause of this problem or the people behind this illegal acts. In processing this study I intend to answer the following questions:

· Where does corruption commonly done?
· What are the cause and effects of corruption?
· Who are the persons behind corruption?
· How can we eliminate corruption in our country?

Within these questions I hope to have or obtain information’s that may be useful to eliminate corruption and make our country corrupt less that may lead us to a more effective and efficient government and a more developed country. A country that we can be proud of and a country which is improving as time pass by, these are all things that can be committed if we try to eliminate corruption.

Background of the study

Here in our country many problems are encountered most common here is poverty, over population, economic crisis and etc. But this one always stand still above all of those problems and it is corruption which i decided to give priority of and this thesis give a study about it. We can all see that corruption is presently active in our country philippines and we are affected by this situation happenning in our government usually done by irresponsible government officials, servants, personnels and etc. Corruption is one of the major problem our country is encountering that’s why decided to have a survey on what is the cause of corruption, where does corruption is done, who cause corruptions and how can we resolve corruption. I did this thesis because we are also a part of our country and each and every situation happenning in it we are still responsible of it also for us...
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