Impact of Corruption in Ssnp in the Context of Bangladesh

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Impact of Corruption in Social Safety Nets Programme in the Context of Bangladesh

Social Safety Nets (SSNs) have emerged as an essential component to fight against poverty. Over the years, Bangladesh has developed a wide spectrum of social safety net programs. Local government is responsible for distributing the SSNs through mobilizing their resources and sharing responsibilities in a democratic process. In spite of the long history and constitutional status, local government in Bangladesh has a poor record of being an efficient, accountable and responsive provider of public services at local level. Local government is a governing system by which people of a certain area shape their own development and fundamental rights through mobilizing resources and sharing responsibilities in a democratic process. Over the past decades, the local government system in Bangladesh has been “more an area of policy experimentation than one of stable institutional development.” Since independence, a number of attempts have been made to tinker with the local government system in Bangladesh more to suit the immediate needs of the ruling party of the day rather than to usher a vibrant local government system. Corruption is one of the reason to make the local government inefficient as well as anomaly to distribute the social safety net provisions. It is known to all that corruption is the main impediment to the development of any country. Corruption is antithetical to transparency and accountability. It creates and increases social and economic deprivation and inequality. It violates human rights, breeds crimes, social frustration, discontent and insecurity. Corruption is a global problem. It is nothing new, nor is it peculiar to any particular context. It exists in greater or lesser degree in all countries of the world. It limits citizen’s access to basic public services.

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