a single shard

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Magdalene McKoy November 9 2013

6P Book Report

The book I chose to read was A Single Shard.This book was about a boy named Tree Ear.Tree Ear was orphaned when he was a baby, and taken to live with Crane Man.He lived under the bridge in his village and searched for food.Crane Man was a pure-hearted person and refused to steal, even food.Min mesmerized Tree Ear with his master pottery skills.So Tree Ear left his home to see Min.Which was an issue.That's basiclly what A Single Shard was about. One event was when Tree Ear went into Min's workplace and looked and held some of Min's work.Then Min entered the room, assuming he was being robbed.Startled, Tree Ear dropped and ruined some of Min's unfinished work.He offered to work to pay off his mistake, and he definitly worked.He had hoped that the working would involve making some pottery himself, but he was subjected to fetching firewood from the deep forest for the fire.When his service was up, he asked to stay to help.Min agreed, but could not pay Tree Ear.He did provide meals, which was payment enough for Tree Ear.That was one event. Tree ear was able to share the good food Min's wife provided with Crane Man.Tree Ear grew strong and patient through his service to Min.He cut trees and gathered clay.He strained the clay repeatedly until he could not tell the difference in the strainings.Min could always tell.One day, Tree Ear could sense the difference.One day he too knew when it was ready.That's another event. Also Min's wife grew to love Tree Ear and asked if he could call her Ajima, which meant Auntie.She took good care of him.So she continued to cook for him.Also she treated him fairly.That's one more event. Min's life goal was to be comissioned to craft his pottery for the palace.When the representative came to judge the potter's skills, Min was looked at and recongnized for his skill, but did not have the cutting edge new inlay detail that Kang

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