false prince

Topics: Royal family, Prince, Harold Pinter Pages: 3 (1145 words) Published: May 26, 2014

The book begin with an orphan of a country named Carthya, the name of the orphan is Sage and is a thief . One day Sage is stealing and getting caught. A man named Bevin Conner offer for pay the roast and for Sage, so Sage has to go with Mister Conner. Conners have other 3 orphans Latamer, Roden and Tobias, and a plan. Conner gives a chance to leave and latamer try it but one conners man kill them. The next day cooner explain his plan of make one of the orphans the lost prince of carthya and after that he give them a class of politic of carthya. And explain that he choose one of them in two weeks. The group reach the conner house fathenwood and give a servant to each one . in the dinner Conner give them other class about manners and a girl named Imogen, who pretend be mute, come into the dinner room with Sage dinner and Sage fall in love. Conner tell them the history of how prince Jaron disappeared, Sage is upset because he realize that the chosen boy will do all the things Conner want and he leave the room. One guard of Conner going down him and take them to the armory, Sage choose one sword that is a replicated of prince Jaron sword. Conner make that the boys take classes about write, read, history, and manners, the first three classes’ they took it from teacher and the last one in the dinner with Conner. In one riding class Sage said that he can raid better than his teacher and Cregan the teacher give him a wild horse to raid, Sage cant raid the horse properly and the horse run to the woods with Sage. The nest day Mott found Sage on a tree he take them to fathenwood again and talk about Imogen, that how the attention of Sage make the things worse to Imogen. Back in fathenwood Conner and Sage talk about Tobias and Roden, about the notes that Tobias have about the Conner’s plan and the stolen sword that is the replica of the prince Jaron sword, in that night Sage found a secret passage that go to the Conner room to they room. Errol the servant of...
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