A place full of mystery

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Kwun Tong: A place full with mystery

Kwun Tong is the place where I grew up. Though I was not living in there, I had my primary and secondary education in that tiny and old town. Well it used to be an old town, but within twelve years, it has changed into another city.

One day when I was walking in Kwun Tong Road, I stop my legs and turn my head upward. On my left hand side are industrial buildings mostly with old style design and yellowish-brown colour on the wall. They don’t have large pieces of glass surrounding the outer surface of the building, instead they have patterns and textures of bricks on the wall, as if telling everyone that they are old enough. However, skyscrapers, tall apartments and shopping centres are standing proudly, as if they are laughing at those short industries that their era has passed and now is their show time. A decade ago, there was not any skyscrapers in this town, but only short industries, short apartments and conclusively everything is not tall. A decade is passed and what we have now are advanced technologies and better architectural techniques. Skyscrapers are everywhere and to be honest, they damaged the beauty of the town. Kwun Tong is more likely to be a residential area, a place where people stay close and shop together in the market. Time flies, with the entry of chain stores, residents can no longer find local stores. They cannot bargain. Those simple and crude “iron-sheet house” next to Yan Oi Court disappeared. All I can find in Kwun Tong these days are reconstruction sites everywhere. Dust are so heavy that I can’t even see the road. Noise are so loud that makes me feel annoyed every time I pass by. Though Kwun Tong is getting to be renewed due to the rebuild project, some old traditions can hardly be lost I can still see some elderlies selling fruits and cold drinks to pedestrians. Some even search for paper boxes and earn for living.
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