Space and Place

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Week 5 Assignment
Valerie Waydeman
BUS 642: Business Research Methods & Tools
Dr. Jon Webber
February 23, 2013

2.Suppose you were preparing two-way tables of percentages for the following pairs of variables. How would you run the percentages?
When two-way tables are being done this is usually because one of the variables is thought to be the cause, affect the cause, or predict the response of the other variable. This is called the (IV) independent variable (Cooper & Schindler, 2011 p.446). aAge and consumption of breakfast cereal.

I would categorize age as the IV and percentages should be computed in the direction of this variable to show that age has some effect on the consumption of breakfast cereal. bFamily income and confidence about the family’s future.

I think with this scenario either one could be used as the IV to determine whether higher income families compared to lower income families have more or less confidence on their family’s future. cMarital status and sports participation.

I would use marital status as the IV and compute percentages in the direction of that variable to determine the effects that marriage has on sports participation. dCrime rate and unemployment rate

I would use the unemployment rate as the IV and compute the percentages in this direction to show that unemployment rates have an effect on crime rate. Inquiring Minds Want to Know Case study
1.Build the management-research question hierarchy.
Management Dilemma: Will Penton Media encounter lower advertising revenue if alternative methods of inquiry stimulation went untracked due to the usage decline of reader service cards? Management Question: Are business publication advertisements generating fewer leads than in the past? Research Questions: Do we continue to include reader service cards in the magazines as a value-enhancing service to the readers as well as the advertisers? What alternative methods using information technology can be...
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