A Morning Walk

Topics: Walking, Blood, Heart Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: February 14, 2012
In today’s irritating world, sun-rise, golden and scarlet rays and grass-trees wet with dew are only be noticed by poet and writers. Oxygen, which is vital to keep us energize and alive, is getting depleted with time. Increasing bad cholesterol and bad blood circulation are leading to many common diseases. An early walk in the morning could be a good solution to cater these issues. The earliest hours of a day could probably allow us to watch the natural sceneries at their maximum charm and get the fresh oxygen to our mind and body as the temperature of the day is at its best during morning hours and the pollution would be less as compared to later time of a day. An early walk also provides good amount of oxygen to our joints which helps us managing our cholesterol and blood circulation. It also helps in improving our digestion system. Sometimes, it is recommended by Dr. to constipation patients. These days people like to walk or jog on a tread meal instead of going out. Walking on equipments -that too in a closed room- could not be compared to a walk in open space. There people could listen to the sweet bird chirping and enjoys the fresh air along with the environmental aesthetics. For the crowded cities this exception could be acceptable up to some extent as the count of parks in a city is getting lesser and lesser day by day. But, in my opinion it is always better to go for a morning walk in a park, along the lake side or along the sea chore. A morning walk could play an important role in building our social networking. People meet with their friends and relatives while walking in the morning and share their day-to-day experiences. One could observe that old people more actively participate in morning walks compared to the young and kids. A morning walk is beneficial to all age groups so there would be awareness about the benefit of a morning walk in young and kids. A morning walk is a very good and simple exercise for our mind and body. It could be used...
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