A Moment to Remember.

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A Moment to Remember.

There have been many memorable moments in my lifetime. One that I will never forget happened my junior year during volleyball season. In 2010, Rock Island won our first Regional title. I’m glad to say I was a part of that. I still remember that whole day and how it went by. I remember the way my hair was, the decorations in the locker room, and even how excited my teammates were. I remember it like it was yesterday, and I always will. I can remember from the time I left the house that day for the game, to the time I was riding home as a regional champ. I remember it all. The night before the big game, all I could think about was how the game was going to go. I remember closing my eyes and just visualizing how everything was going to go. “Rayven, wake up! You ready for this game,” my dad yelled. I woke up in less than five seconds. I hopped in the shower, got ready, and headed to the school, During the whole car ride, all I could think about was the game. There was no music playing, just my thoughts the whole way there. Walking through the doors of our school, I didn’t even head to the locker room. I made an extra stop to the gym we were going to be playing in. I just looked at the floor for about one minute. I had been imagining what the court and stands would look like after we got a Regional title. I thought to myself, “I want this.” After opening my eyes, I walked out the doors to the gym and headed to the locker room. Being excited as I was, the walk was pretty quick, As I got closer to the locker room, I started hearing talking, laughter, and music. I had no idea what to expect walking in. Smiling, I opened the door. “Surprise!” There they were. Parents of my teammates, coaches and the players that had gotten there before I had. The room was filled with streamers and balloons. Signs were all hung on the walls. They read: GO ROCKS. YOU CAN DO IT. LET’S MAKE HISTORY! I honestly think that is what pumped me up the most. We actually...
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